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5 Mistakes For Learning Saxophone

5 Mistakes For Learning Saxophone


These 5 learning mistakes could be holding you back in your saxophone progress. Learn what they are and how to avoid them!

I’ve helped thousands of beginner saxophone, and I see these 5 saxophone learning mistakes over and over again. Whether you’re brand new to sax, or an experienced player, make sure these 5 simple things are not getting in the way of your saxophone progress.


It’s easy to waste loads of time digging around on YouTube, seeing lots of different approaches and going round in circles. Frustrating eh? And it’s not going to help your saxophone learning.

Chose a strategy, get some great advice on how to reach your saxophone goals, then stick to it.

Practice Habit

Don’t let anything distract you from your sax practice. It’s so important to make your practice time a priority. Find a time that suits you and stick to it.

Keep it Simple

You might want to play super-fast, or super-high altissimo. But to make great progress it’s best to keep it simple with your saxophone learning. Get the basic, foundation skills right, and the fancy stuff will come!


EVERYTHING starts with a great embouchure. Whatever level you’re at, taking the time to build a strong embouchure will help you achieve your sax goals much faster.

It’s Not About The Gear!

We sax players love our gear, don’t we? It’s tempting to believe that a new mouthpiece, or a different reed, or even a different sax will make all the difference to our playing. However, this is just another time waster. Concentrate on getting those foundation skills right instead and you’ll make much faster progress.

Start your Saxophone Learning Right

I’ve put together my favourite lessons with my top tips on getting a great practice habit, the perfect warm-up, building your skills and much more in my Ultimate Saxophone Tool Kit. Get it FREE here.

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