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5 Tips for Introducing an Instrument during the new coronary pneumonia

5 Tips for Introducing an Instrument during the new coronary pneumonia


During this special epidemic prevention and control period, how do students spend at home, how to ease and regulate their emotions, how to spend a meaningful time with their parents, how to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, and how to make themselves stronger, Gain growth and progress?

If that is the case, we recommend using the free time available to introduce your children to a musical instrument. Their free time will allow them the opportunity to explore learning something new that will hopefully also keep them entertained.

If you'd like your children to get musical this holiday we have 5 tips for helping you get them started:

1. Choose an Instrument 

The first step is choosing an instrument. This may be really easy if your child already has an idea of an instrument that they would like to play. If they don't, you can spend some time together going through the options. Make it fun - play games like guess the instrument. You can play music and take turns guessing what instrument is being played. Whilst doing this your child may find out what instrument they are most attracted to. 

Once you have chosen an instrument you can easily get it from us on our flexible rent to buy plans. 

2. Find a Teacher 

Whether you choose an in person teacher, an online teacher, a teaching app, or a book, it is a good idea for your child to have some guidance as they get to grips with their new instrument. This will make learning the basics much easier and they are more likely to stick with the instrument long term.

3. Learn About the Instrument 

Learning about the instrument is a good way for your child to learn how the instrument works and how it produces sound. This may also help them to get used to the basic mechanisms and they may even find it easier to start producing a good sound. Check out our instrument anatomy posts to start learning about instruments.

4. Play With Others

Playing with others is a great way to make learning an instrument a social activity. Not only will the kids have great fun playing with each other but they will be able to encourage each other to progress. 

5. Set a Goal

Setting a goal is a good way to stay motivated. Your children are more likely to stick with the instrument if they are working towards something. But make it an achievable goal that they are likely to reach - this may be something along the lines of playing a small tune like Mary Had a Little Lamb on the piano by the end of the holidays.

Top Tip: Whether you follow all or none of the above tips you should most of all make playing the instrument fun!

We hope the above tips help you to introduce a musical instrument into your home this time! If you need any help email us at xuqiu@xuqiumusic.com or click here.

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