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A Few Things I Like About The Boss RC-50

by:XuQiu     2020-04-16
In my opinion, a Boss RC-50 Loop Station is a type of musical instrument which must not be missing from the arsenal of any musician. Not only that it allows you to diversify your music and improve your musical expression by a lot, it's also a very cool piece of hardware, a lot of fun to play with. Plus, it can be very handy for various other gigs than music, for example, you can accompany with one adding improvised sound effects while you're doing a stand up comedy bit. Now, I got mine about eight months ago, and I didn't like it at first, but that's because the unit that was sent to me had a manufacturing flaw. One of the pedals made a specific sound, and wherever I used it to record a new loop, that annoying sound was basically marking the beginning of the loop. I sent it back and got a new unit, which works perfectly. So, here's what I truly love about the Boss RC-50: 1. It's very easy to use. I've never had any problems learning how to use it, I only read the instructions regarding the power input to make sure I don't burn it. The use of this loop station is pretty straightforward. In a nutshell, you need to hit the recording pedal to begin recording a sound sequence that you would like to loop, and strike it again when you need the sequence to loop, marking its end, and its new beginning. There are 3 main phrase pedals that you'll be using to record, overdub and alternate loops, you can alter the volume of each loop assigned to a pedal. Anyway, I won't go further into detail, if you're going to get one, you'll see for yourself. 2. You can use the same the same musical instrument, multiple musical instruments, your voice, or basically anything that makes the right sound that you need for your musical piece. Of course, if you can play different musical instruments, like guitar, flute, trumpet or sax, you can obtain marvelous pieces of music, just by looping small bits, played with each instrument. 3. It has a huge archive of drum beats that you can play with and use in your music. 4. The LED light on the pedal blinks and you can use it as a metronome, when you practice guitar for example, and you can add a drum loop for accompaniment or just as guide. 5. The quality of the sound is awesome! Basically whatever you record, comes out the same. And the sound is very clean. 6. You can fade the loops that you record, with an expression pedal, without attenuating the guitar's signal. This feature is great, and helps a lot with improvisation pieces. For example, if you want to bring forward a guitar solo that you will play on the guitar, you can lower the volume of the guitar piece recorded for accompaniment. 7. It has an UNDO pedal which is extremely helpful in any musical piece you're working on, using this Boss RC unit. This pedal allows you to cancel the loop that you've recorded last, in case you've missed a note, or it just didn't come out the way you wanted. The list can continue, but I believe that's about enough.
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