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A Guide on Knowing Guitar Types

by:XuQiu     2020-05-20
There are a few distinct categories of guitars. First, the acoustic. An acoustic guitar is mostly made from wood. Its size is the biggest in its category. Sizes range from the dreadnought to jumbo. Vibration of the guitar strings is first amplified by the body (made of wood). Thereby, producing unique notes and sounds. The resonance of the acoustic guitar body produces the wanted tones. Many beginners started learning guitar by first getting an acoustic guitar. Sometimes, a pickup system is installed in the interior body, to amplify sounds necessary for a performance. Then, we have the electric guitar; the most popular form of guitar ever known in the world. When one thinks of a common term such as the guitar, one often visualizes the electric guitar. Known for its leading roles in songs which comprise a song structure, the electric guitar is spoiled for choice. There are 6 strings and standard tuning is set in the order of 'E-A-D-G-B-E' notes (thickest string to thinnest string). The electric guitar works by vibration of the strings also. These vibrations are then captured by a pickup system; a transducer device that converts the vibration frequency signals to electrical ones. The electrical signals are then transmitted to a device called the amplifier, where the electrical signals are magnified and sounds are finally produced. To sum it up, one must purchase two things, the electric guitar (which is more costly than the acoustic) and the amplifier. Following the list of popular guitars types, we have the electric bass guitar or simply called as bass guitar; as most people refer to. Structure and aesthetic wise, it is similar to the electric guitar. But, with the exception of only 4 strings and 5 strings. This time having a tuning of 'E-A-D-G' (4 strings) and 'B-E-A-D-G' (5 strings). These strings are way thicker, therefore capable of producing rich, low frequency tones, which give the bass like sounds. Mechanism of functioning is the same with the electric guitar. Bass players can often be seen plucking individual strings one at a time. There is no strumming involved. The acoustic guitar main roles are mostly strumming. Strumming is done by sweeping a pick up and down all 6 strings. Electric guitars can be further divided into rhythm guitar and lead guitar (especially in a band). Both are of the same. The only difference is the style of playing. A band member playing the rhythm serves as the 'filler' of a song, while the lead guitarist plays the main parts (solos, intros) of a song. Bass guitars act as a connector for all the instruments (electric, acoustic and drums). It provides the whole feel to a song, also known as the backbone of a song.
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