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About the piano and electronic organ

by:XuQiu     2020-07-22
People often want to learn the piano, electrotone, what's the different places, especially their performance difference. Today, to talk about me, let's put the two things in common as well about it. Piano, electronic organ belong to twelve average rate of keyboard instruments, basic fingering are exactly the same with your left and right hand, playing posture, methods, basic same, such as the staccato, legato, roll play, etc. And play the system identifier in addition to the difference on the left hand chords, the rest are mostly the same. However, the piano is, by using the method of artificial hands and feet can regulate voice is small, strong or weak, timbre, rhythm, etc. , and the music element on the keyboard, almost is achieved by electrical components, integrated circuits. Piano sound device is the size of the string of alloy thicknesses, and single tone, keyboard are electroacoustic device, such as different frequency oscillator, the impedance of the coil resistance, etc. , thus timbre rich variety. Piano and electronic organ touch key positions are the same, but there is a difference between touching key strength, especially the strength of keyboard keys didn't open the case. The way of playing, the keyboard left hand automatically chords, piano, so automatic electronic organ chords in terms of keyboard instruments, is a new subject, must study well alone. As to manual play the chords, and piano are exactly the same. Piano, electronic organ have the pedals, but the pedal is far less than the complex electronic organ. Keyboard pedals in addition to the desktop keyboard is a bit harder, portable is simple. Electronic organ automatic rhythm as well as its automatic chord, is one of the features of electronic organ, must keep playing melody as well. As long as your inner strong rhythm, do this, it is also an easy thing. And the rhythm of the piano implied in playing the melody, no references, so control difficult to nature.
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