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Advice: the piano parents bought need to be careful

by:XuQiu     2020-07-17
Today's children to learn Musical Instruments, especially the piano more and more, the age is smaller and smaller. Many children in the process of learning, not only learn the skill, and edify disposition, improves the artistic accomplishment, was a great pleasure. However, there are quite a number of parents and children, cheerfully began with a bang, but noisy, put up. Why is this so? Is the child lack of artistic talent, or parents guide improper method? We invited a experienced preschool art education teacher, write a set of articles about children learn piano, serialized in the magazine, may let you on the issue of children to learn piano less blind and annoyance. We must find out before the piano for the children choose three questions: first, the child is really like the piano. Like the piano and children their parents hope he likes piano, are two entirely different concepts. Your child's love is the most important, only your true love, just can have the passion and enthusiasm of the piano. If a child is generally like like other toys has sort of interest in the piano, or ambiguous, don't force a child. Second, we should clear the purpose of the children to learn piano. First the piano is to cultivate children love of music, the music recognition ability and the ability of beauty, temperament and improve their self-cultivation. If has the potential to development, and further develop in the direction of the specialization, professionalization of. If your purpose is to let children know as one and the same as the piano, or some others I also want to have, it is best not to buy. Third, we should seriously consider their work can invest much time and energy and economic ability of the family. If children under 7 years old, has not the ability to consciously learning activity, and parents when children are the first one to two years of the piano can't guarantee every day one hour of time with and guide the children to learn piano, so temporarily don't rush to buy a piano. If I buy the cost of the violin and the piano let parents feel the economic pressure is too big, and don't count the buy, avoid the economic pressure on unconsciously into the child's pressure on the piano. Even if the children do like piano and chose the piano, parents before deciding to buy the piano should be cautious attitude. Two questions need to explain to a child. First, the piano is a very, very expensive instrument, we can't afford (temporarily Even afford to say so) 。 We need to save money, that is to say you this period of time can not buy snacks and other gadgets, father to smoke less, mother also can't buy new clothes, so you can put the money saved. The aim is to let children know that their parents are actively support his decision and choice, but it is not just a matter of parents, is also a child to do your own thing, let a child more understand the piano has not come easily. The more children to have a piano with hope and anticipation, the longing for the piano will be more intense, in the process of learning to counsel, stop not learn will have less likely. Do another purpose is the last time the test whether children really want to get a piano, it is very important. Because in the real world there are many parents complain, to wish to listen to children, bought a piano. Now, the child just refused to learn, the piano into the decoration of the house. A few months later, when & other; Saved & throughout; The money to buy the piano, don't forget to ask whether a child does not change the original, observe whether the child is passion. At the same time, it is necessary to explain to a child, once bought a piano, just hope he can keep on learning, do not want to just learn in trouble, he did not want the piano lay sleeping in the home. Second, let the child in the knowledge to make a choice. We need to learn from children repeatedly stressed that the piano is a need to work on a practice, it takes a lot of time, energy, and needs the effort. The piano takes about 1 hour a day, in this 1 hour, can't play games, watch TV or even eat snacks. If the children are still willing to reduce the time to learn piano playing, parents should be encouraged to him: I believe you are a child of his word, let the children in the buying process and preparation of the piano feel the importance of commitment and responsibility. Finally, bought the entire process must be completed, together with children in macro control and ensure the quality of the price under the premise of actively involve children in opinions, such as style, color, etc. , let the child to cultivate love for the piano in the participation and interest in the piano.
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