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Amateur piano practice how long is the best

by:XuQiu     2020-07-14
When many parents want their children to learn piano, when he heard that a few hours of practicing every day, many parents awe, gave up the idea of the piano. So horrible really is the piano so hard? How long should practice every day? The piano generally can be divided into two kinds of professional and amateur. Professional piano learning generally refers to enter music colleges or music conservatory system after the piano learning, known as the piano. Then take an examination of these colleges and universities generally have to amateur level is above 10 levels. Amateur piano learning usually refers to is given priority to with quality education, and amateur study teaching material's tenth level before. So today we are primary amateur piano learning practice schedules. Under the age of five, a beginner, prepared for the first two months of piano no time requirements, but to practice once a day, had better be in the same time every day. To sing, spectrum or practice it again no matter how long. To give priority to with interest, but learning habits in training. Two months later, the time can be controlled in 20 minutes, mainly review, reduce the difficulty of practice. Generally on both sides of each play time is enough. Five months or so, time can be controlled in half an hour, because there are enough music to practice. Bayer's first half, time 30 minutes is enough, in the second part can be master in 40 minutes. Czerny 599 degree, time can be 50 minutes. Practice must review more. Czerny 849 degree when the time is more than an hour. As the degree of etude slowly lengthen the period of practice, is the most scientific, is also naturally, also unconsciously develop the child's study habits. The above normal learning progress. So can lengthen the above practice time? If parents worry, also could be longer, but will enhance learning risk, that is tired.
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