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Anatomy of the Acoustic Guitar

Anatomy of the Acoustic Guitar


Every part of the acoustic guitar plays an important role in how the instrument works, find out what each individual part does: 

Head: The headstock is located at the top of the guitar and holds the the tuning pegs, you will usually find the manufacturers logo here.

Tuning Pegs: The tuning pegs allow the player to tune the guitar by turning the pegs to increase or decrease the tension in the strings.

Nut: The nut is positioned where the neck joins the headstock. The strings pass through grooves in the nut to maintain correct spacing.

Neck: The neck is the long piece (or several pieces) of wood that connects the headstock to the body of the electric guitar. The fretboard is then attached to the to the neck.

Frets: The frets of the guitar are found on the fretboard, they are usually made of metal and run perpendicular to the strings. The frets allow the player to change the pitch of the strings. This is done by pressing down behind a fret to change the vibrating length of the string and in turn changing the pitch.

Fretboard: The fretboard is a piece of wood attached to the neck of the guitar. 

Strings: There are usually six metal strings on an acoustic guitar (nylon strings are usually found on a classical guitar).

Neck Joint: The Neck joint is located at where the neck and the body of the guitar meet.

Body: The body of the guitar features the upper bout, the waist bout, and the lower bout. The body of an acoustic guitar also features the sound chamber.

Sound Hole: The sound hole is found on all acoustic guitars. The sound hole allows the air pressure to remain equalised so the soundboard can vibrate. 

Sound Board: The soundboard is the "top" of the guitar body. The vibrations of the soundboard that play a crucial role in the tone and projection of the acoustic guitar. 

Pick Guard: The pick guard protect the guitar from scratches and dents at the point of most contact. 

Saddle: The saddle of a best acoustic electric guitar allows the strings to sit at the correct height for the fretboard.

Bridge: The bridge anchors the strings to the wholesale guitar and is located on the lower bout of the guitar.

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