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Article 7 the golden rule of Musical Instruments to practice

by:XuQiu     2020-08-01
Seven golden rules of practice ( A) Determination and beliefs don't blindly, without thinking began to practice, must first ask yourself: 1. When the content of practice have, I will happy? 2. Happiness isn't me expected to only reward in the play? 3. Or, I want to from two aspects of technique and music at the same time to improve my performance? ( 2) The state 1 of the body. Be sure to remember: piano is that you can rely on a part of the instrument. Make good use of each part of your body will be great help for you the same. 2. To let the body like the piano into the best state. ( 3) Practice of plan 1. To practice to achieve specific goals should have a clear vision. 2. Choose the suitable method to practice, toward your goal. 3. Practice, pay attention to: 1) On the macro, you must conduct a comprehensive practice. 2) On microscopic, adopt the special training to the individual problem. ( 4) Quality 1. Any practice to put the quality as an important indicator. 2. You must always be clear what you want to achieve the goal, and always listen carefully every note you play out. 3. When some fingering skills, you also should pay attention to keep the imagination and control of quality. ( 5) The rhythm of 1. Always keep the rhythm of the accurate, in the pursuit of quality at the same time also remember the rhythm. Music is not rigid rhythm, it is a pulse, but the pulse beat & ndash; — Rhythm, is based on constant rhythm. This is the rhythm and beat the dialectic relationship. So we're going to & other; Rhythmization & throughout; View & other; Throughout the beat &; 。 2. Each exercise should use the metronome to test. ( 6) The diversity of practice 1. Don't practice the same content over a long period of time. 2. Always change the emphasis of the practice, can alternate rotation practice each emphasis. So you will feel relax and fresh. ( 7) Mentality of 1. When practicing, to keep a good mood. 2. Practice should be combined and rest. In order to guarantee the enthusiasm of the practice time, we may from time to time to stop and do some other things as dispensing. 3. Don't in the case of no interest in practice, the unpleasant practice will only waste time.
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