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Baby the best age to learn Musical Instruments

by:XuQiu     2020-08-17
Pudong new area xiang-dong kong music consulting to register on the first day of kindergarten, the enthusiasm of parents for children in the rain & other; Word & throughout; 。 Reporter found that some studies busy parents in order not to let the children lose at the starting line, you are under age in the park would want their children to learn piano, hope to relax & other kindergarten; Threshold & throughout; Only less than 2 years old, and some children even have experienced the piano. The music master advice, within 3 years old children had better not too early to learn the piano musical instrument, etc. Actually parents do not need to worried, children at the age of two and a half to about 3 and a half years old, is the best age to accept music enlightenment education. If too utilitarian teaching instrument skills, it may do more harm than good. You are under age in the park to register & other; My child is only 2 years old, but he is very artistic. When baby, I found that as long as he heard the music, place the brain will shake head, can really understand the melody and rhythm. Whether the school can consider to let the child in advance & lsquo; Word & rsquo; ? ” Because children younger than kindergarten standard, an eager QiuShi mother in pudong xiang-dong kong music kindergarten, has made repeated requests for the teacher, hoping to abnormality is accepted. Reporters on the scene to see, though the sky under the drizzle, but in the kindergarten for the first batch of dozens of consulting registration little students and parents. Many parents in order to develop & other; Little genius in music & throughout; Children, not hesitate heavy gold, even in just 12 years old, can just sit, talk, began to contact with Musical Instruments. The reporter understands, although there has been no formal kindergarten began to recruit students for registration, has more than 60 parents registered. The park a teacher tells a reporter, in fact, as early as more than two months ago, garden is also when decorating, every day has a lot of parents to inquire. Within three years old children had better not learn Musical Instruments & other; Within 3 years old children, had better don't touch first instrument, in fact, as I myself wait to five and a half years old started learning the piano. ” Mr World famous pianist xiang-dong kong told reporters: & other; When playing the piano, the child to see, ear to listen to, foot pedals, using the brain and hand, is of great help to develop children's early coordination. Scientific research has found that coordination good children to recite the text in the future, have a fast, memorizing English words memory ability obviously superior to other children. But I do not advocate within 3 years old children exposed to early piano! ” According to a survey tschaikovsky piano competition, 60% & ndash; 70% piano competition winners of the first lessons aged 6 & ndash; 8 years old, and only one and one of the youngest in the three and a half years old, a few of them in about 10 years. Gurus think, therefore, at the age of 3 to 6 to music enlightenment of children, is the best time. Two or three years old can feel the beat and melody & other; Through a variety of interesting sports game activities, such as: the chicken singing, building houses, etc. , let the staff and other basic music knowledge bit by bit to infiltrate the child's daily game activities. ” Xiang-dong kong music institutions teaching director Mr Wang lei told reporters: & other; Children at the age of two and a half to three and a half years old, is the best age to music enlightenment. During can not completely through the study of Musical Instruments, but merely in the loose environment, carry out various music game, let them feel the beat and melody of the music. In the children's poetry, dancing, and painting & other; Play & throughout; Permeation of listening to music, at the same time accompanied by music and waved her hand, stamp foot, dance to the beat. Wait, and wait for 3 and a half years old children to learn Musical Instruments, understanding staff; Until at the age of four and a half gradually increase the musical skills and knowledge of music theory; In large, distinction can directly take part in all kinds of Musical Instruments. ”
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