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Best age 4 ~ 6 years of age to learn the piano

by:XuQiu     2020-08-18
Last weekend, many parents hangzhou braved the cold, with their own & other The piano prince & throughout; 、“ The piano princess & throughout; Come here to attend the hangzhou philharmonic angel & other art center; Parent-child piano salon & throughout; 。 Have heard that the number of little musician in hangzhou, and is more and more children aged 4 ~ 6 years to join to learn the piano. Sure enough, & other; Parent-child piano salon & throughout; Attracted a lot of parents and little musician. That night, children salon show a total of 28 people, the party from the host to the performers are all these fingers xian small little musician. They the shortest 2 months of age, the longest is 5 years. The performance of the whole two hours, the way no exit; Whenever the piano sounded, the court will be utter silence. Reporter noticed that the presence of parents focus, it is a serious student. All children in learning to learn the piano, behind the tough without a parent. No. 12 performers have turned 6 years of age is a little girl, she is the youngest night & other; Performers throughout the &; , live performance repertoire is the night elves. 24 the performer, a primary school grade four girl is playing the piano repertoire six levels of the distinction of 'boat song of Venice. The girl put the melodious music playing warble, and she is totally immersed in the play. A song, the presence of the audience applauded warmly. Zhejiang YinXie piano professional committee of zhou is the amateur & other; Parent-child piano salon & throughout; The guest, his comments at the scene. The reporter then parents concern & other; 4 ~ 6 years old children how to learn the piano & throughout; Had an interview with him. Reporter: how old is the best piano children age? Weeks: generally speaking girl 4 ~ 5 years old, 5 ~ 6 years old boy can begin to learn piano. Each child's understanding of music, of course, still have individual differences and comprehension ability. Reporter: beginner piano general how long does it need to practice every day? Weeks: first to half hours advisable, the longest do not exceed 1 hour. For primary school students, if time permits can practice more than an hour. Reporter: when to buy the piano? Weeks: now many parents on the one hand, is very want their children to learn the piano, on the other hand also worry that children have no such & other; Talent & throughout; , afraid of the piano to buy home for a few days as a decoration. Actually, I don't think if parents hold strong utilitarian purpose, and just want to learn the piano to cultivate children's artistic temperament, that might not have such a big psychological pressure, after all, learning music is something to make children happy. Reporter: parents need when to practice the piano? Weeks: parents in children plays a very important role in the process of practice, thus not only to be a good piano practice partner, and that parents can completely in the process improving music culture together with the children. Parents want to choose a good piano teacher, but it's the best teacher is the parent itself, if parents can in weekly class time, listen to the teacher's comments and know the shortage of the child, can help children improve in family practice level.
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