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Best Saxophones for Beginners

Best Saxophones for Beginners


If you have decided to learn to play the saxophone and are looking for your first instrument then look no further. We have chosen our top three saxophones for beginners to suit a range of budgets and needs, and all three are available on our flexible, affordable rent to buy plans. 

The Plastic saxophone

The is the saxophone from our collection that is best suited to young beginners. The Plastic saxophone is small, lightweight and is made entirely from plastic. 

A breakdown of the Plastic saxophone 

Features: The Plastic saxophone offers the same fingering patterns as a normal saxophone but with simplified keywork. The Plastic saxophone, in comparison to other saxophones, is pitched to 'C' allowing players to read the same sheet music as violin, flutes, pianos, and more. This is great for children learning to play with other instruments in an ensemble or at school. Because the Plastic saxophone is made entirely from plastic is is extremely durable and 100% waterproof.

Included: Included with the Plastic saxophone is a hard case, 2 plastic reeds, a fingering chart, and joint grease.

Options: The Plastic saxophone is available in 3 colours - White with Blue Trim, White with Green Trim, and White with Pink Trim.

The Lightweight Saxophone

The Eb Alto Saxophone is the saxophone from our collection that is best suited to young beginners playing up to grade three.

A breakdown of the Lightweight Saxophone

Features: This is an ultra lightweight Eb alto saxophone. The Alphasax has been designed for young saxophonists and has been constructed to be 33% lighter than the average alto saxophone making it easier for young players to manage. The Alphasax also features a reduced keywork to allow small hands to control the instrument with ease.

Included: Included with the Lightweight Saxophone is a lightweight moulded case with backpack, padded neck strap, mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, ligature, and reed.

The Saxophone For Beginners and Beyond

The Classic II Eb Alto Saxophone is the saxophone from our collection that is great for older beginners and players that want an instrument that will see them through the beginner and intermediate stages of their playing. 

A breakdown of the Classic II

Features: The Classic II has been designed to bridge the gap between beginner and intermediate instruments. This makes it a good choice of instrument for both beginner saxophonists and existing players looking to upgrade their instrument. The Classic II features a fully chromatic range from low Bb to high F#, a durable gold lacquer finish with a decoratively engraved bell and more.

Included: Included with the Classic II is a contoured Prolite case with a moulded interior and detachable rucksack style straps, a mouthpiece, mouthpiece cap, ligature, reed, padded neck strap, cork grease, and cleaning materials. 

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