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Buying Your First Musical Instrument

by:XuQiu     2020-04-28
As a parent of a child getting their very first musical instrument, or as a beginner to the world of playing music, purchasing your first instrument can be trickier then it first seems. Why so, one might ask. After all, it is simple; you walk into any music store, big retailer, or log onto any musical instruments website, find the specific instrument you were thinking of buying and that's it! Not so fast. Suppose you have settled on learning how to play the drums and you are ready to purchase your first very own drum set. Should you buy a three piece set or a five piece set? A 'real' set or a cheaper mimic? Go all out and purchase the real expensive, cool looking one? Obviously, you will want to get a set that 'looks good' to you and that 'fits right' and that is important. You have to be comfortable with your new instrument and excited about it. But another point to keep in mind when shopping around for your new instrument which is equally important if not crucial, is that the instrument must be as real and as authentic sounding as an instrument that is used by the musicians. Sounds like too much and too expensive for a beginner or child? Not necessarily. Acquiring a beginner instrument that is closest to sounding like the 'real thing', rather than getting a fake or toy instrument, is probably the biggest factor in being able to achieve your goals in music playing. The reason for this is pretty simple. Playing musical instruments is not just about the technicalities of the beats and rhythm, which is definitely important, but is also a lot about the 'feel' you have when playing your instrument. Imagine a child who is great in driving a toy car or even a go cart, would you give them the keys to your new (or even old!) car or truck?! Of course not! Even though they may be great in a toy car, a real car is a very different story. The same can be said with musical instruments. Having a real instrument is the only way to truly learn the ropes of the instrument and to get the sound and experience that is needed to reach your musical goals. If you are concerned that getting the real instrument might be too expensive, don't worry. There are plenty of cheap, high quality real instruments out there which are very close to par with professionally used instruments that will cost you just a bit more, if not the same as the toy instruments out there. Do a little research, you won't regret it!
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