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Can children learn piano self-study? Please the teacher need to pay attention to

by:XuQiu     2020-07-10
I recently saw a few article about adult self-study or please the teacher guide posts. Some people are so XiQin that & lsquo; In a few years, or when I went to a higher level and the level, to please the teacher & rsquo; , many little musician to choose for themselves the teacher's parents may also have similar doubts [ In higher level, such as changing a better teacher] 。 I think I must write a post to numerous XiQin some cognition of self-study or instruction, please the teacher. This essay is based on the assumption that your teacher [ Or future teacher] Is responsible, you are thinking ability to learn. If your ability to self-study is because there is no economic burden of tuition, or to no pressure back to the class every week, or their work independently is a pianist, otherwise BieLun. ‘ A miss is as good as a mile & rsquo; This kind of situation often happen in adult XiQin having the ability of autonomous learning and thinking, especially for self-study, degree is not deep XiQin, sometimes it is easier to astray. Perhaps it is because of the adults more confident, sometimes is correct in his thought, don't need a teacher, just may is on the verge of a misguided or has already entered into the erroneous zone. Teacher can only give you some inspiration in week two classes on Monday, but even if it is only as a regular hands, teachers can be targeted to choose suits you or increase or decrease in the specific situation of the teaching material, and can effectively help you find a shortcut, find out the mistakes, solve the problem, or trying to prevent possible problems. So you not only save a lot of time and effort, now the most important thing is to avoid to spend more effort in future more energy to the possibility of correction of problems and faults has been formed. The so-called & lsquo; Keep the enemy out & rsquo; A large role, the teacher is the & lsquo; Royal wrong before produce & rsquo; 。 Even if you play the piano is entertainment is given priority to, the teacher can make you more fast and more effective more deeply enjoy music brings us joy and a sense of achievement. To play the piano there are still quite a lot of rules and methods, even improvisation is not expected to be follow one's inclinations. These rules and methods from Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, liszt, era began to constantly improve, has survived. Although there are many kinds of teaching methods and genres, but by a person who just learn piano [ Even adults] Intelligence and ability to find their own play the right way [ Not think & lsquo; Correct & rsquo; The & lsquo; Correct & rsquo; ] Or create a new road, it is virtually impossible. May be, you haven't knew the erroneous zone and in the future was found that the frustration of myth & lsquo; Why & rsquo; Sense of regret. In daily life, we have & lsquo; Lookers-on see most of the & rsquo; That argument, and one in the field of piano, please must be stronger than his more experienced a piano teacher. , of course, I also not to say that the teacher must be right, because no one know everything all right. This is especially true in the music, even if the teacher is very proficient in himself. But if you have any teacher guidance, you can at least can ask questions and may soon find the answer; Even if your teacher is not immediately answer a question, you also have a mutual learning and teachers to discuss the opportunity to make progress together. Teachers may also be loosely, here the so-called & lsquo; Those who know more act as teachers & rsquo; , even if you are a very accomplished pianist. Even if someone else in you proficient in a particular field, but tend to have different point of views and opinions. Horowitz is one example, he always in front of the important performance in their home for a little salon, please friends to listen to. Music to the advanced stage, is in fact & lsquo; Put yourself in for the sake of the audience for the composer & rsquo; 。 Have the ability to put yourself out from the music and let into the music, to play through the eyes not fans of the parties, at the same time, the Angle of the spectator himself playing and music. However, even if you reach the high level, sometimes could not produce their & lsquo; See & rsquo; Less than dead space, this also is the music playing one of the very difficult truth. So whether you're a beginner or pianist, we all need & lsquo; On the sidelines & rsquo; And & lsquo; Onlookers & rsquo; 。 Such & lsquo; On the sidelines & rsquo; And & lsquo; Onlookers & rsquo; Might it not we need in our life and other areas of a realm and the teacher? I learn piano or ready to study piano for all adults and little musician parents advice is to ask your economic ability to withstand the best teacher. Even if two, three weeks the last lesson, also is much better than oneself fumble, much faster.
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