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Candy Dulfer - Why She's the Best Sax Player

by:XuQiu     2020-06-22

Candy Dulfer was born in 1969 in Amsterdam, Netherlands. From her childhood on she was surrounded by Jazz music and influenced by her father Hans Dulfer who at that time was already an established and known tenor saxophonist. She started playing at the age of six. Other influences were also Sonny Rollins, David Sanborn. She founded her first band at the age of 14 which was called the Funky Stuff. In the 1990's the made a first hit which spread around the world like a virus. The hit is Lily was here which many times is also performed by her and Dave Steweart from Eurythmics. In addition to her solo recordings Dulfer has since been a popular accompanying musician. In addition to her collaboration with Prince, Maceo Parker, Dave Stewart, Marcus Miller, Van Morrison and Blondie in the studio and on stage. Listening and watching Candy either on video or live she will impress you in many ways. What I personally like most listening to her music is the way she goes through the chords. Her way of playing II V I is somewhat different then what you would hear at some other artists. She is not a typical pop artist having roots in jazz music but had more aggressive sound which is in one way a result of her gear (a few years she switched from Selmer Mark VI to one produced by Thomas Inderbinen). Having this in mind no wonder she's been one of the most successful and sold European pop instrumentalist/artist and every show she does is a special and unique experience. Candy surely has more in her sleeves to give to the worldwide sax audience in years to come. Her Recent Hits include: - Saxuality - Lily was here - Sax-a-Go-Go, just to name a few                                

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