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Child learns what kind of musical instrument

by:XuQiu     2020-08-06
For child learns what kind of musical instrument, it shall, according to the families of the first and the learning condition of the child himself. The general situation is: the family economic conditions, parents for children can afford to buy what kind of Musical Instruments; Parents can help children to buy what kind of instrument; Parents can find the right teacher for children; In what kind of band at school. The four conditions are parents decided to let children learn instruments must pay attention to before. Young children's parents can decide what to learn Musical Instruments for your child, older children parents should respect children's interest, don't force children to accept some kind of musical instrument to learn. Now many parents think that children from learning the piano is best, but because of tradition and history, the piano is less popular in China, can teach children's piano teacher is not easy to please, even if the parents for their children to buy the piano, also do not know how to start to guide children to learn. Many great musicians are not actually started learning to play the piano at an early age, such as musician nie er poor, our people in the music of his life on the road, took his first step is to learn playing bamboo flute. Contemporary American famous violinist perlman, polio at the age of 4, 5, lower limb paralysis, but parents encourage him, for he chose the violin, premiered 9 years old, and then to New York Julia music college to study hard, finally to become the world's outstanding violinist. Parents can in the forest of Musical Instruments, all kinds of Musical Instruments, selection of their children to the child opens the door to the music a fairy tale. For example, the violin, cello are designed for different age children use the children's piano; In the woodwind mainly flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, etc; In brass trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba, and so on, as long as there is time, preliminary play wind instrument to learn up is easy to grasp the technology. There are many different kinds of Chinese ethnic Musical Instruments, such as instrument, pipa, guzheng, guqin, three-stringed, liu-chin, etc; Bowed stringed instrument kao-hu, jinghu, erhu, etc; Playing Musical Instruments have a bamboo flute, sheng, flute, suona, etc. Learning ethnic Musical Instruments easy please to guide teacher, and some Musical Instruments is very popular, provides convenient conditions for children learning to play skills. Other percussion instruments (such as central and western, the accordion, guitar, harmonica learning for the children to choose. What age children learn to play instrument good children learn at the beginning of the preschool best, because the child is responsive, coordination training is the best age, intellectual in this period is person's life one of the most rapid development stage. Look from numerous successful musicians, there are a lot of people from early childhood for training. Japan's suzuki pedagogy advocated for 4 ~ 5 months baby music enlightenment, for & other; Ah & throughout; Learn language of children is just the beginning music language of happiness. Baby, of course, at this moment it is impossible to consciously learn what kind of instrument, so parents according to the specific circumstances of their child intelligence development, selected at the age of 4 ~ 5 let children begin to learn Musical Instruments. If learning wind instrument, such as best children grow up to 10 years old began to learn in the future. Because the child's lungs began to increase, then strength gradually enrichment, it is good for their children to study wind music. Learning traditional Chinese bowstring, plucked instruments, also want to pay attention to training from learning. If lets the child learn a musical instrument while formal vocal music training, then please note to parents in the children grow up to 15 ~ 16 mutation to accept training in the future. Children if failed to learn Musical Instruments at an early age, parents also don't try so hard, the stage to teenagers or young or can learn. Some famous musician just began his musical instrument training from the juvenile period. Different types of instruments, of course, is suitable for children of different ages. Bass has a variety of sizes, ethnic Musical Instruments of the erhu, pipa, guzheng also began to have different sizes, but the western wind instruments, there is no small size. So this is for the parents, please note. And most of the already famous musicians, especially instrumentalists are need to study music since childhood, so the parents want their children to become professional music journalist or amateur, should let the child as a child to learn a musical instrument. Engaged in composing music workers, however, began to learn music age can be later than the former.
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