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Children are not willing to study piano?

by:XuQiu     2020-07-11
Children if purely passive learning piano, it is easy to produce resistance. When I chat with a piano teacher, we all agree the parents have to & quot; Carrot and stick & quot; 。 A teacher once said - - - - - - - - - - - - - Girls aren't easy to concentrate ( May be associated with physiological) So when she was a little to force a force properly. She also said, with her classmates in the later the piano feels for this matter, the piano first want to thank the teacher, the second thanks to parents. Without our parents force, there is no future timber ( Just for the piano) 。 I am a 7 year old daughter's mother, know the site once in a while, especially love. Have time to look at, but see more than more. Daughter have the piano for two years, but there is no consciousness, love for the piano is hazy, so most of the time to practice. Really gas but, also has become an ultimatum, make her own choice - - - - - - - - - - - - - 是或不是, - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Either give up or go for it. Said she thought for a night, or to learn, and to make education. But a child's memory is weak, actually said you forget, so do mom had to continue a carrot and stick. Parents take great efforts ( Money and energy - - - - - - - - - - - - Especially energy) ” Force & quot; Is their children to learn piano, in large part as a child the projection of desire and so even though gas to say & quot; Give up & quot; More often than not, the word is heart has unwilling, because give up is easy, but I did not regret medicine to eat in the future. In my opinion, for the choice of children, parents can only get some, really can't let him go, after all, & quot; The path to success more than one & quot; , but you can tell him the stakes. The child is at the beginning of the piano & quot; You want me to learn & quot; , will eventually make it & quot; I have to learn & quot; , this is the way. He Xian books seem to have an article wrote his son, after seven completely change from passive learning piano to active and persistent pursuit, I heard from several friends similar example, and that some people will come back to give special thanks to our parents. There was a man in high school composition wrote: 'the child is not interested in & hellip; … Sincerely thank the parents made me learn piano for many years & hellip; … ”( This is a friend paraphrased) 。 I want to say what he means is, the child's interest in sometimes is not clear, especially when the interest requires arduous a training to maintain, and have a few can have that perseverance to adhere to? Child, after all, is the child of nature is to play! So parents force at a time like this is actually a kind of strong backing, help him forward to the goal. Which parents pay a 'hard' ( May be a misnomer) Children may not be so easy to understand, but grew up will understand, especially when their parents. Of course, parents need to speak some art in specific practice, also want to give their children more encouragement and understanding, What is easier than to do:) 。 Seems to me, the piano is the dream of childhood, Ultimate is a hope , he would become a child clinging request. But also interrupted occasionally entertaining, although very don't & quot; 常规” , progress is too slow to imagine, but the harp more feel peace of mind. I hope so can infect to daughter ( 吗? ) 。 Sakura spirit really let a person admire, Apple seems to have not really don't like the piano, and her work has been quite professional, so is also a higher level. I admire you.
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