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Children learn Musical Instruments is the easiest mistake

by:XuQiu     2020-07-23
The author taught children learn piano ( Keyboard, spin, plucked strings) For many years, for they are widespread, the most easy to mistake summarized below ( Hope everybody the new teachers and parents pay enough attention) : 1. Either learn the piano, organ, accordion, or a violin, the erhu, and even the guitar, and regardless of their age, children are music to ignore the existence of fingering, in different degrees on the spot, even if you repeatedly emphasized the importance of fingering, next time & other; Hand in your homework & throughout; Almost didn't a fingering are correct. Among them, a lot of like or spontaneously arrange themselves don't reasonable fingering ( Of course, we should allow and encourage those who there is quite a basic children can sometimes oneself plait fingering) , makes it more difficult to play. 2. Like ignore phrase fingering problems, for bowing to learn the children of spin labeling is also do not pay attention to, the composition of bow bow, or connect points bow pull bow is often the case. 3. As well as the above two, there are few children will pay attention to all kinds of music symbol on his musical scores-marks them up again, mainly mark sign, speed terms and expressions. Such as cresc, pp, sf, rit, allegro, of course, although meet some difficulties, such as the Italian or English but must be familiar with them. 4. Don't pay attention to play the position, not good at improve memorization of music ability. There is no doubt that these, no matter which one, directly influencing the full play of the performance level and improve, should the trouble to repeatedly told them try to overcome or correct.
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