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Children learn piano 11 advice useful life

by:XuQiu     2020-07-22
1: since decided to learn piano, chose this instrument, please keep on learning. Do anything all have more or less confusion, in persistence. 2: it is not difficult to learn piano, the key is you want to really feel music, intentional feeling music brings us happiness, enjoy them, enjoy them. 3: the problem of the technology and practice on the hand is not as good as the basic. Is early cultured is slow play the piano, not speed. 4: find a good teacher. This is important, look for a good teacher, your lessons are straight and flat road, don't walk so many detours, a good teacher is noble of you life. 5: how to communicate with others, appreciation of good music, complement each other. Keep good men company, and if the saw you didn't have the advantage of others, please consult with an open mind. 6: please cherish the hands of a harp, no matter how cheap, she is so expensive. Jean is a spiritual, please put her as a valuable partner in your life, with her heart, share wonderful wonderful music with her life. 7: can remember what don't expect to see it again, please look at the second time, third time, and practice on the piano, practice makes perfect, often can be compensated. 8: listen more and more musicians to play, if conditions permit, to the concert hall, please listen to the live performance of the masters, perhaps you can in the musicians playing, there are a lot of unexpected harvest oh 9: don't let any one look very simple basic skills practice, they often are not simple, or can lead to a lot of advanced techniques. Basic skills is the basis of the practice of music, all the basic skills are not solid, more and more concerns are also starting to. 10: don't be impatient, put a piece of music perfectly it is not easy, you just need to practice constantly, constantly thinking, continuous improvement can be improved. 11: don't cry because it is the music is very simple, not to follow the basic skills and fingering, don't even open a metronome, good habits are cultivated at ordinary times, at the time of stage, only can do it.
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