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Children learn piano why many fall by the wayside

by:XuQiu     2020-08-06
Who want their children to learn the piano two years ago, then bought a 16000 yuan of the piano, bought after find a teacher for children, learn a hour every Sunday afternoon, $80 per class. Learn for half a year, liu's daughter say what also don't practice, as long as say practicing crying, in desperation, she had to let the child to give up. At present, many young children learn instrumental music became compulsory. But, in the study of instrumental music in children but few people can stick, changchun, jilin province, according to an art school teacher instrumental caused most children learn to give up several factors. Primary study is mandatory, children learn itself does not have instrumental music talent, has no interest in instrumental music also, but parents learned to see other people's children, their children can not backward, this kind of student's learning process is generally & other A harp, submitted to the class, learning piano, closed, to give up & throughout; 。 Then there are parents love children, as a result of the piano learning process is relatively long, boring, most children are not willing to learn, interested, just began school learn to learn to feel boring, so some of the children started to cry, parents can only give up. We have learned, from preparing lessons, buy a piano to give up, this simple process makes many families waste a lot of money and energy. Media in an interview, also found such a strange phenomenon: one side is full, all kinds of Musical Instruments classes class side is registration after bought a lot of children don't learn. For this, experts remind parents, choosing an instrument for the child, be sure to see the child is really interested in another class, don't blindly follow suit. sunny
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