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Children learn the instrument of choice

by:XuQiu     2020-08-05
If there's nothing wrong with these two aspects, physical condition, If the fingers) Also, the choice of children learn instrument is big. Parents choose for children to learn musical instrument, one must consider economic bear ability, want to consider the development prospects of learning instruments, third, we need to consider whether to find the teachers have certain professional level. If you ignore the third point, children learn to walk the detours, a waste of money thing is small, a waste of children learn valuable time but to regret. If parents to make the study direction for the child, give children a more enlightened, this choice of reason to let the children accept as much as possible, in this way, children learn instruments may be more durable, better effect. Cultivate children learn Musical Instruments, parents want to have some mental preparation: generally speaking, the beginner instrument, children more or less a little interest, curiosity, fresh. But, along with the Musical Instruments to practice harder, many children can't stand, just play & other Back & throughout; 。 At this time, children can learn, key in the parents. Some really smart kids, reviewing its growth history, that is, in fact, a child is not willing to learn and persevere to learn history between parents. # # p# page title e# learn? A few years old? Answer: 8 years old, this age children can with simple music theory, it is helpful to learn any instrument. If learn western, piano, two hands, the development of intelligence. The small times, learn little mention of action is not very accord with human body engineering, impacts on physical growth of children is not good, unless he wants to go for this major. If learn music, erhu, preferred to learn erhu can cultivate children's character, and the action of erhu is not very let children feel uncomfortable. Introduction to bamboo flute, flute better than erhu, so can learn, later flute fee, do not know will not affect the child's brain. Whether in the western, best with the piano + another instrument. ( The combination of personal very positive in piano + le, only adult children requires a great deal of effort. ) Flute and flute q: 1. What is the difference between flute and bamboo flute? What kind of better learn some? 2. Heard about the two instruments are each a lot of kinds, I am in Beijing, for the people of the north the two instruments which varieties to suit all buy? 3. Want to know about the price between the two instruments, respectively. Normal is how many money? How much money is good? 4. I don't want to know, want to find a teacher or remedial class learning, where should learn? This course tuition fees a average price how many money? 5. This type of instrument need stronger breath and lung capacity? I don't need to copy and paste the information from the Internet, hope to have a friend can in their own experience is popular in your own words to answer me, don't need too much information, as long as each question clearly. Answer: 1. Flute vertical pipes. DiXiao is tongued, the sound of the flute more empty than the flute deep and remote. For baidu to find best flute tune and flute music listen to, can realize the difference. Two kinds of difficulty quite, xiao started slightly a little bit more difficult than the flute. 2, yes. DiXiao according to materials of bamboo, iron, copper and so on. According to the divided into CDEFG mode. 。 。 And so on. According to utility cent dizi and bang di for the flute. Northerners generally use bang di, G. As for pipes with Susan made by G. 3, the price is really to say from dozens to tens of thousands. Beginners general within 100. More than 200 will be a little bit better. 4, is certainly need to his own ideas, around the remedial class, such as art school, children's palace will be open class. The price is almost more than 100 hours. 5, need to be able to control his breath. Need to have some vital capacity, also not be very big. This you can practice slowly, is not a problem. Hulus ask and answer: 1. Easy to learn? 是的! Gore silk is just a small instrument, there is no such a professional. Gore silk is too easy, blowing bottle gourd who will actually. Gore silk range relative to the flute or other many Musical Instruments is very narrow, so not can master for a long time. 2. 1, hulus how many money? A pristine hulus, regardless of tune, the price is not cheap. In basarios teacher shops, usually ranging from 300 to 600. In view of the fact that you are a beginner, also can buy hulus between 100 to 250, a check on taobao. Rosewood of annatto of more than 500, 800. Average more than 300 professional. 3. A lesson about how many money? I am 120 pieces. 4. A total of how many level? Nine grade 5. For I learned guzheng learning hulus helpful? Can be set in the music accomplishment and read music, rhythm has helped, music is mutually. 6. About a year can depend on how many level? Effort level 7, 8 no problem. 7. Suitable for girls to learn? Very suitable to get the most convenient and more handsome: classical guitars, folk guitars, electric guitars, bass to want to have for and quality: the violin and the piano to have the temperament: flute, clarinet, such as wind wants to be a heartbreaker: drums and other percussion want to become adults in the eyes of talents: erhu, guzheng and other folk music # # p# page title e# want to burn: foreign folk music such as the Scottish bagpipe
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