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Children learn what instrument? Private label and how to choose the suitable instruments need to pay attention to

by:XuQiu     2020-08-05
( Reading] Basic every parents want their children to learn a musical instrument, culture art specialty, and is also in order to develop artistic temperament. Recently, however, a lot of mother ask learn net teacher for children to learn Musical Instruments of music a few little detail, the selection of instruments, and when to learn. These you know? Don't know, this instrument learning network ( www。 yueqixuexi。 com) Small make up for your well-meaning parents send welfare, inventory mainstream Chinese children to learn musical instrument for you need to know the details, Including: piano, violin, guzheng) 。 Music master advice, within 3 years old children had better not too early to learn the piano musical instrument, etc. According to the number of survey, want to have instruments to children develop best start after 3 years old. “ First problem: how to choose a musical instrument? ” Parental guidance, let the children to make a choice. Learn a musical instrument is a process of long, passion is the only force to support. 1. Piano Piano Piano is most parents choose to give their children to study Musical Instruments ( Now don't. : age period for 5 - At the age of 15, 4 - Accept the piano at the age of 6 art direction of best age. Because learning piano at least know simple staff, so baby need certain cognitive ability. 【 Spend 】 : to learn the piano cost is high, about 2 - good piano price 3 w; A week 1 - 2 times in class, class fee 100 + / day ( 1 hour) Generally, according to the level have different prices, daily to ensure the practice time 1 hour. Detailed refer to learn the piano the most afraid of detours. 【 The benefits of piano 】 :一个。 Improve personal accomplishment and good cultural quality, there are other words: like music people are not bad people, music to influence people is one of the most deep. b。 The development intelligence, the training coordination of sexology piano children, after admission, the ability to understand, accept ability, imagination and creative thinking ability, etc. , were significantly higher than children in general. c。 Exercise endurance and confidence to play the piano needs to be relatively skilled techniques, skills, need regular, scientific and constant training. This training need perseverance, endurance, confidence and courage. 1234 at the end of the next page
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