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Children of the piano

by:XuQiu     2020-08-12
When first parents will try to make the child spirit is loosened, and relax, open & other; Escaping & throughout; Palm, thumb joints ( The second joint) As a fulcrum, first and second convex joints, thumb pointed to the bending in an arc. When the thumb tip point outside of the touch key, & other; Stand & throughout; Play, and should not use thumb joints and even the thumb side area to lie down and play as a whole. Pay attention to the child play Angle and touch the key points of the thumb. Transform exercises. Let the children away from the piano temporarily, sit beside the table, let the child psychology, mood is in a state of relaxation, 5 finger button on the desktop, is spherical, thumb palm joints and the first joint bulge, wrist flat, consciously train the thumb up and down freely raised, to make the thumb, and control to play. Question 3 is not independent of man's ring finger ring finger flexibility is poor than other means, ring finger and little finger, middle finger muscle involvement with each other. Children learning the piano, parents don't too much emphasis on the ring finger independence, high lift, etc. , this is bound to create tension in the child ring fingers, and even and joint and several other point to each wrist, forearm, elbow, shoulder and other parts of the nervous and chain reaction, make sound when linking to the adjacent notes ring finger plays, appear, distance between the sound and sound intensity uneven & other; Lame & throughout; Phenomenon. Countermeasure was not in the correct shape of the hand, on the basis of training ring finger lift means, allows the adjacent fingers naturally with exercise, relax your ring finger to ups and downs. Such as, playing the middle finger, ring finger when lift, the little finger with its free lift; When play under the little finger, raise the ring finger, index finger, middle finger can follow its freedom is raised. # # p# page title e# in piano or desk, on the leg to do more of the middle finger and ring finger and little finger and ring finger legato exercise. Through over and over again, a lot of training, make the phase involved muscles gradually free and independent, to enhance the ring finger control. Problem four little finger palm joint collapse and froze most of the children to play the piano when the little finger can appear in different degrees of one kind or another problem: some children don't relax to raise hand joints, little finger like a small stick lying on the keys stand up; Some children the little finger of rigid and hard pressure on the keys; And children to transfer to the little finger strength can't open, causing the keys to play XiaBuQu etc & hellip; … Countermeasures have little finger play, the little finger palm joints ( The third joint) Must summon up, as a fulcrum to hold the weight of the whole hand. The little finger of the first and second to joint laxity natural protrude. Any collapse would create tension in the little finger of a joint rigidity. When playing, the parents emphasize the child remember three points: relax, pluck up, stop, every do an action to check each part is correct. After several times of practice, over time, will make the child to master the correct way to play. Problem five top liaison finger strokes or wrist some children doing fast fingers running, often appears phenomenon of wrist of jerky steps, let a person feel not finger but wrist playing. Problem is due to the wrist of the wrist strain, ShiShouWan downward transport was cut out by the wrist, the weight of the hand after losing weight and power source, will be weak and passive, stiffly touch key, have to replace fingers and wrist fatigue run, putting the forearm strain, wrist heavy bouncing up and down. Consequences for this kind of play is the fingertips, led to play sound untrue and blanketed, thus affecting the strength of the fingers, speed. In the long term will also cause the arm, wrist muscle tension and ache. Countermeasures have parents to accompany children play together good legato. Legato like fingers on the keyboard & other; Walk & throughout; , play a finger prop, relax immediately, and then the weight transfer to the next finger-nails, while the second the fingers, fingers in front of you can let go. Refers to refers to cohesion between good, like walking, one foot step, body weight and the past, the other foot off the ground. If playing in front of the sound does not stand still, the weight is best not to fingertips to adjust immediately, and then on to the next play a finger. Parents must check whether children relax, force to the fingertips, play really did it in the process of the transfer of power. Wrist relaxed. Wrist is the bridge arm connected to the fingers, finger was complete variety of playing skills & other Adjust the link & throughout; 。 The key parts of relaxation or not directly affects the degree of relaxation degree and the flexible arm and fingers, and affect the entire piece of music through smooth, therefore, the wrist must be soft and relaxed. Does finger independence. Children often to a degree, the teacher will ask children independent legato, this is more difficult for children entering legato. If you don't let the arms immediately followed, their arms tends to be a stiff situation arises, wrist help to the top, so the result is bad. Parents can allow children to bring a little arm movements to temporarily legato, but should clear is that often when finger movement is active, and arm, wrist is passive, can not replace the fingers to play with the arm, wrist, and then step by step gradually requiring children to reduce the power of the arm, gradually speed up the legato, until you reach the fingers run independently and freely on the keys.
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