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Children should learn what kind of musical instrument? Five kinds of Musical Instruments disadvantages big resolution! Under the

by:XuQiu     2020-08-09
6, the erhu technique is rich, economical and practical advantages: is indispensable to national orchestra accompaniment and ensemble members, is also a very distinctive solo instrument. Lightweight, easy to carry, more popularity. Weakness: the need to have some music. Entry is more difficult, also very boring. Learning conditions: all can. Learning age: 5 - 8 years old, no more than 9 years old. Instrument input: 400 & ndash; — 500 yuan, Entry level) 。 Buying advice: when choosing erhu is first wood is different, generally has several, mahogany, ebony and rosewood which price from low to high, voice quality varies with the price from low to high; And over the barrel of python is also the important factors that affect sound, try to choose decorative pattern is bigger more evenly. Recommend index: u u u u u 7, guzheng representative, introduction to more easily advantages: beautiful timbre, technique is rich, has strong expressive force and appeal, is also a representative national Musical Instruments. Better have more teachers, learning is also relatively simple. Disadvantages: pitch feeling has certain requirements for children, every time you play needs tuning. Large, is not easy to carry. Learning conditions: all can. Learning age: after 5 years of age. Instrument input: 3000 - 5000 yuan, Beginners) 。 Buying advice: buy normal manufacturer of guzheng, pay attention to the material. Recommend index: u u u u u 8, pipa performance is rich, difficult advantage: both solo and ensemble, accompaniment function important traditional Musical Instruments. Broad range, performance skills is various, has the rich expressive force. Disadvantages: difficult, technique, technique is various, it's hard to grasp. Learning conditions: slender fingers. Learning age: not earlier than 7 years old. Instrument input: 500 - 800 yuan, Entry level) 。 The choose and buy Suggestions: hard wood texture clear, clear sound box is thick, parallel to the fingerboard is consistent, no deformation, concave and convex, accurate, don't go tone quality scale. Of course good brand can have a good Musical Instruments. Recommend index: u u u u 9, the flute easy to learn, easy to carry advantages: can also can take part in the ensemble, solo, doubled in the Chinese national orchestra is indispensable to a wind instrument, is also the Chinese nation important melody instruments of the orchestra. Small volume, easy to carry. Disadvantages: every root bamboo flute is only one tone, learn to late need to buy a whole set of the tonality of the flute. Learning conditions: tooth development completely, neat. Lung capacity is better. After learning age: 7, 8 years old. Instrument input: 150 yuan ( Entry level) 。 The choose and buy Suggestions: the quality of the bamboo flute, besides is determined by the qualitative material quality of the pipe also depends on the level of production. When the choose and buy needs to check its bamboo qualitative, intonation, volume and timbre. Recommend index: u u u u 10, dulcimer strike stringed instruments, sound unique advantages: timbre features, suitable for solo or participate in national orchestra. Dulcimer in the learning process, by opponents of training for a long time, can make children more intelligent; Yangqin emphasis on hands, hands should have certain coordination, can play the role of development about the brain. Disadvantages: large, is not easy to perform anytime and anywhere. Learning conditions: wrist action is loose and dexterity. Learning age: 5 years old. Instrument input: 3000 yuan of above. ( Entry level) The choose and buy Suggestions: paint bright appearance, uniform and consistent, paint without hang paint and obvious bubbles; Each part of the body, both ends is symmetrical, cementation and firm, without gap; A longer sound crisp, fruity, lingering. Recommend index: u u u u in addition to the above description of 10 kinds of Musical Instruments, there are a lot of all kinds of instruments available for everybody to learn. Actually every instrument has its advantages and disadvantages, we can only to give advice to the parents to provide a reference, the specific study, whether to choose a musical instrument or integrated above all situation to decide. Children are very talented, accept ability and learning ability is very strong. Parents from the children cultivate his learning when I was small, exploration is very important. Instrument is parents very good choice, not only can let the child study progress, fun for children to grow up added. Instrument can stimulate a child's potential and emotions, be fostered children is very important for the fun of Musical Instruments. Finally, heartfelt wish your children can have learned something.
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