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Considerations When Shopping For Instrument Cases

by:XuQiu     2020-04-20
You were five years playing your old guitar -the guitar on which you learned to play- and you'd be actively playing it still had it survived your move to California. It did not survive though; it came out of the back of the truck with a cracked neck. You explored having it repaired but the guy at the guitar shop near your new apartment indicated that fixing it would cost more, truthfully, than the guitar was worth. You were disappointed, of course, but not surprised. It was a slightly battered acoustic guitar when you picked it up in a pawn shop in Knoxville five years ago; nonetheless, you are sorry to have to say goodbye to it. The good news is that the same shop had an used mahogany Martin guitar in the window. Although it's going to cost you a lot more than you were willing to spend to repair your old guitar, it's a thing of beauty. You fell in love with it the instant you picked it up. You've placed a down-payment against it and you will be going back in just over three weeks to pay off the balance and take it home. You are also going to purchase a case for it at the same time. Your old guitar fell prey to an improperly packed moving truck and a cheap soft case that you found up at a garage sale. That's a mistake you do not plan to repeat. You've never searched for guitar cases before and once you began looking into them you were stunned at the quantity of manufacturers and options out there. - Cost The most basic thing to consider when buying a case is, needless to say, how much you can afford to spend. Guitar cases, like all musical instrument cases, can vary substantially in terms of price according to the materials and the level of engineering that has gone into the case. Although some cases may look exorbitantly expensive you ought to remember that not everybody is safeguarding a second hand Martin guitar. - Fit Naturally fit must be an important consideration. The better the fit of a case the more secure the instrument inside. In terms of guitar cases there are a handful of standard sizes such as 000, classical, and dreadnaught. It's worth noting that although there exist standard guitar sizes that certain cases will fit some guitars a lot better than others. - Your intended use In choosing an instrument case you must ask yourself when and how it is going to be used. Professional musicians who're most likely going to be dragging their guitars across the country for months at a time are certainly going to have different expectations of their cases than someone who mainly needs to keep the dust off of their guitar when they're not playing it. The more travel your guitar is likely to see the more secure the case it requires. - Durability and protection It goes without saying that a case is fashioned not just to carry your instrument but to protect it as well. Depending on how often you travel with your guitar and the kind of travel you do you'll need different levels of protection. The trunk of your car is likely less risky than the back of a tour van which is in turn almost certainly less hazardous than the belly of a plane. A case that's going to be travelling by air a lot ought to be not only sturdy but secure and easy to lock. Whether you're trying to find a simple, soft leather gig bag or a high-tech hard case with an ABS shell, hardened aluminum valences, hygrometer, and crushed velvet over cellular foam interiors, you can obtain them online if you can't locate them at a store near you. Simply go online and Google 'instrument cases' so as to see what's available. With the proper case there's no reason you and your mahogany Martin shouldn't have many happy years together.
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