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Correctly deal with children to learn piano by halves

by:XuQiu     2020-07-12
A parent confusion: yueyue daughter still in babble like fiddling with the piano, organ, such as keyboard instrument, often strum, enjoy. I thought yue yue have a gift for music, a kindergarten, give her to sign up for piano typically exposes. Initially, yueyue piano show great interest in learning, the teacher teaching staff & other; 12345' Such a study will, can play a simple melody. But slowly, yue yue began to piano performance resistance, no longer cooperate with the teacher, even make and don't want to learn the piano. I am very upset, I do not know how to develop the children's persistent interest in the piano, improve the ability of her music. Analysis: first, young children have a strong curiosity and desire to explore, when he saw the keyboard instruments rattled, mind is filled with magic and fun, to knock follow one's inclinationsly, immersed in the sound of an instrument, this does not necessarily represent the children has a strong talent in Musical Instruments. Secondly, for the children choose to participate in the piano class, the key is to in accordance with the interest of the children. Children fall by the wayside in the learning, because he found that there are a lot of knowledge need to churn memory, difficulty, etc. , with his tapping fun far, or is found to have other children to play than oneself good & ndash; — His interests will drop rapidly, these are very normal, the parents should with tolerance of eyes look at the phenomenon, try the following approach: - Children don't want to go on studying piano might as well first temporarily put aside, but must understand why children are not willing to continue to learn, in order to suit the remedy to the case, to arouse the enthusiasm and interest of the piano a child again. - - - - - - Continue to use music to cultivate children, efforts to strengthen the children to play the piano in the lasting interest, at the same time also want to let him have regret on the wayside, when he want to go to the piano again grasp the right opportunity, rules, prevent him again easily retreat in the face of a setback and give up. - - - - - - When children meet with difficulties in learning, should let him understand that all things go through unremitting efforts to be successful. And according to the child's personality to make him willing to strive for the goal, efforts to let him to enjoy. - - - - - - According to the age characteristics of children and parents accept ability to choose a different style and form of music for children to enjoy, raise children understanding of music, it also helps children quickly digest and accept in piano lessons to learn the knowledge, make him learn more relaxed and happy. Experience: young children to learn piano, interest is the first. Parents should start from training, to protect the child's interest, to do more preparation. In the home as much as possible to create a music art atmosphere, in a nutshell, is the parents should also like music, together with their children in music appreciation, or find a common language and fun on playing, and give to their child's progress in a timely manner. At the same time, pay attention to the study method and the content must be scientific, moderate difficulty, too difficult, too much knowledge and high requirements have made child initiation fear or dislike, discourage children learn piano self-confidence.
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