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Cultivating artistic accomplishment

by:XuQiu     2020-07-26
Well-off society, it is people's perceptual demand comprehensive upgrade of society! The so-called consumer upgrades, is from practical aesthetic upgrade! In the era of consumption upgrade, ugly appearance, the craft is rough, the lack of humanity care products lack of market competitiveness and be eliminated the results! National innovation ability is insufficient, traced back, look for reasons from people, is because of a lack of art education, aesthetic education! Well-off society, the upgrading of consumption era, is the era of competition taste, in this day and age, entrepreneurs and perceptual quality of the staff, perceptual wisdom, is vital to the survival and development of the enterprise. In an era of competition has come taste, a lack of art education of the people want to success, and not received higher education also is as hard to be successful. Please remember my words: survival competition in future society, the lack of art education of children of difficult! Third, I also want to say: from the perspective of social development people destroyed for lack of art education. You consider, if a person has heart, the pursuit of beauty from the senses, he would have genuine, antipathy towards the ugly from the senses, dislike of thirty-three. Looking around us, small to personal spitting, littering, defecate indiscriminately. Big enough to flood at sixes and sevens advertising signs, business signs, waste the land, the waters of the street, the ugly city architecture, sculpture, bad public space and serious environment pollution and the destruction of the natural and humanistic landscape, all of these serious problems stand out in the development of contemporary China, catch up with the root, is the quality problem. A perceptual quality is low, the feeling is numb, the lack of pursuit of beauty and will lack the pursuit of environmental quality, will lack of heart, for the ugly from the senses, dislike of thirty-three. China's environmental problems, in the final analysis is due to a serious lack of national art education, aesthetic education, led to a serious national perceptual quality is low. Perceptual quality of leadership, will promote the development of the perceptual civilization; When leadership perceptual quality is low, will cause the destruction of the natural and human environment. That is why I want to say: the lack of art education people destroyed! I mentioned the perceptual quality, emotional intelligence, the perceptual quality of four concepts, perceptual civilization, completed the art in the development of individual life and social connections of the integral function. With this connection, art is no longer a meal ablaze, dispensable. For the individual, it is about a lifetime of happiness and success, to society, it is a big problem about survival and the development. That is why I am giving speeches, called on the whole society: the lack of art education are happier. Lack of art education success is difficult. Lack of art education of destruction. Call for the whole society to: emphasis on art, art education, paying attention to the art of personal accomplishment. Perceptual quality of the development of the critical period in childhood, the child must accept fully in infancy, childhood art education. Miss the childhood, childhood full of art education, can make children & other; Win at the starting line, to lose at the terminal & throughout; ! Each child life at least want to learn a musical instrument. This is education in Europe and the United States developed countries had normal! The fundamental purpose of the piano is not cultivate perseverance, the development intelligence, the less is it employs, points, the fundamental purpose of the piano should be: through love music and the piano through music love art, love life through art, through the life experience happiness! Through art education, to promote children's perceptual quality, perceptual wisdom! Art education paves the way for children's future success, grace for happiness. In order to prevent the result of the piano to & other; Took a course to learn technology, hate an art! ” Good piano education, we must to aesthetic as the core, the gripper for happiness. Let the child's childhood and artistic beauty of the company, make the piano for the child's happy childhood grace! Each child every quarter should be not less than a show, concert & ndash; — To like learning language, number, included in the children's daily activities. There should be suitable for children in the family to listen to classical music in the background, just like a family to decorate to improve the visual environment, let the children of the auditory environment is full of beauty! I have called for, of course, in the child's childhood art education should also include: art, poetry, drama and dance. As hearing, vision, language, body is the most basic elements, the four art should be comprehensive training, comprehensive development, should be for kids & other Throughout the whole brain &; Aesthetic education. Especially in the family, kindergarten, school to be proud of the love of beauty, not the love of beauty of shame values orientation. Family is the most important art education, parents are the most important art education teachers. Every child should be from the primary school music, Musical Instruments, every child should be accepted in the childhood, childhood full of art education, aesthetic education don't let children due to the lack of the aesthetic education of childhood, but miss is likely to own happiness and success in the future. In & other; To learn English well, everywhere throughout the &; This education adage is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, let people attaches great importance to the success of rational quality, scientific literacy, from the point of view of perceptual quality and artistic accomplishment, I call on everyone to remember this slogan: & other; If you want to success, happiness from love art! ”
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