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Danelectro Bass - A Piece of History

by:XuQiu     2020-05-24
If you are looking for bass guitar that is also a piece of history, then look no further than a Danelectro bass. Danelectro has been making high quality musical instruments and accessories since 1949. That is a long time and you can bet that they have mastered their craft. It was started with one man, Nathan Daniel. His early line of electric guitars were often the first guitar owned by many players. They were very inexpensive when they were first introduced. This lower price tag made them easily attainable by just about anyone that was interested in learning to play guitar. If you are lucky enough to own one of these early model guitars, then you hold a true piece of history that has risen in value dramatically. These earlier models are often wanted by collectors and sell for much more than the original price tag of just under seventy dollars. Due to the unique construction of these guitars, you will not find another guitar that looks or sounds anything like them. They have a very clear and clean sound that no other name brand has been able to duplicate. Their popularity is due in part to this unique sound. Uniqueness always creates value and demand. The Danelectro line of guitars has had a rough history. The company was bought and sold many different times before it was finally put to rest in 1969. The product line is still in production but due to low demand only a handful of guitars are produced each year. It is the vintage model that every one is after, especially the six string electric bass which was a first of its kind.
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