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Different Types of Bass Guitar

by:XuQiu     2020-05-15
There are several types of bass guitars each of which has unique characteristics. Though basses are not as old (in age) as drums, they nevertheless have an interesting history and they are quite diverse as well. Basses are also the unsung heroes of every band and though they are hidden in the shadows and will seldom have the spotlight on them in a live performance, they do play a very important part in every song or tune. Even if they are not glamorous, basses will nevertheless be the one instrument that drives each and every piece of music. They have also evolved considerably over the past hundred years and from being oversized and a hunk of mahogany that was somehow glued together they have today become a diverse and complex musical instrument. Basses can be of different types as well as styles and though they continue to perform the same role, they have, over time, changed in appearance and usage. It is therefore a good idea to look at how these deep-stringer types have developed. Solid Bodied When deep-stringers were transformed into electric musical instruments, they were just solid bodied guitars that were also made from just one piece of wood. The body was carved into different shapes and had different sizes but they always performed similar functions. Today, these solid body instruments are made from a variety of woods with alder wood being the most commonly used wood. The neck is normally made from maple and the fret will be made from rosewood. Sometimes, the neck is also made from mahogany. Of late, companies have begun to experiment with various materials such as titanium, graphite as well as luthite. Pickups for these solid body deep-stringers can also vary with the more common ones being humbuckers while others include the optical types. Hollow Bodied These type of bass guitars are another option. Paul McCartney of the Beatles is of course, the best exponent of this type. These models are however not very common because they tend to cause some amount of feedback and they also make the sound of the strings reverberate. These flaws however do not occur because of an imperfect design but because the type tends to make an echo which lasts for longer. However, hollow bodied basses also make a deeper sound. When they are electrified, this specific edition can produce a very original sound that no other deep-stringer can match. Semi-Hollow Bodied The semi-hollow bodied version is a cousin to the solid and hollow bodied basses. A semi-hollow bodied guitar combines the best of the solid and hollow bodied basses. Therefore, it will not produce feedback which a hollow bodied guitar would do and it also provides low tones that are perfect for playing rhythm and blues of jazz as well as country music. The acoustic deep stringer is like the normal six string guitar but it does have a completely hollow body. It makes pretty loud sounds and so does not require amplification. It is believed to be a cousin to the six-string Mexican style acoustic bass (the guitarron). The acoustic deep-stringer is also known as a flat-top guitar. Short-Scale Bodied The short-scale deep-stringer is the ideal instrument for a beginner bassist. The most beautiful basses are the ones known as the neck-through. These are beautiful and are constructed out of just one piece of material from which the neck and body are carved out.
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