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Do you really want to practice?

by:XuQiu     2020-07-28
1. Practice room is quiet, can't someone random walk don't say you are very busy, a lot of people want to find you, you are too busy learning greatly, Mr Obama is still busy? How do you practice every day to just a few hours, free when no one is looking for, has been looking for one to practice? Recommended practice room and locked the door hung & other; Practice not faze & throughout; , blocking all want to talk about gossip, shanghainese friend! Practice of next time don't put the phone in today's society, come out to mix, with no cell phone in the body, there is no security, not a mobile phone, almost like abandoned by the world. But, try to ask, you are practicing, or play mobile phone? If you want to play phone, play enough to practice again. Suggest that cell phone turned off, or mute, or simply don't brought to the piano room, had been at ease, not so many people caring you! Don't leave the TV on the living room light lines you can think of TV picture, try to ask, your mind is in the piano room, or in the living room? Don't say the show after a long time, can't give up, even though it may be of listen to the voice! Where so many excuses, practicing how to see you said, don't give up? Advice please turn off TV, you after the TV play didn't see on TV, on the computer can also see, don't have that much to bother you practice excuse! 4. Don't bring snacks into the piano room really don't understand is, into the piano room before you buy a bunch of snacks, and not to go to the cinema, also have to buy some drink, buy something to eat, create an atmosphere of points. Eat snacks, hand to touch the strings, the picture is too beautiful, can't see! Suggest either eat again into the piano room, practice the piano or eat again!
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