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Don't let learning instruments become pressure

by:XuQiu     2020-08-16
Too specialization is a problem, is the professional demand led to a high degree of pressure on the piano, reduces the fun of playing. We have repeatedly stressed that, under high pressure have to continue to engaged in the activities of a little interest to the children's personality development brings a wide range of adverse effects. If our fundamental purpose is to make children have certain music culture, so they can in the deeper level understanding of music art, then play the technology correctly or not, music processing fine or not went back to the back burner. Specifications of the piano teaching to grasp the needs and the students' ability, personality development, the arrangement of the school curriculum and so on other aspects of balance, not as professional as possible. It puts forward higher demand on teachers & ndash; — How to grasp the teaching in the most appropriate conditions, the specification; How to use flexible teaching methods and teaching content arrangement reflects the culture music accomplishment this purpose. Reduce of teaching specification, does not mean the teachers level is reduced, but the tradeoff for comprehensive development of students. Music teacher is not only responsible for the piano, more responsible for children's all-round development. The piano too specialized seems to be a big trend trend: there are the consistent tradition of instrumental music teaching; There are also the joneses psychological role in social life; The traditional education to the more strict the more optimal set, parents also think the stricter the better, think & quot; Talented & quot; Will & quot; I & quot; ; Results on the students and teachers as the means to improve their personal status and prestige regardless of the comprehensive development of children and take responsibility for jean's attitude towards people is not responsible for, and so on a number of reasons. This the more strict the more good ethos, and make certain their concept of right to play is not yet clear, to play professional knowledge is not deep the teacher, to control students rigorous and demanding to improve their status. In recent years, employs appeared, employs through in the entrance points of policy mistakes and to further upgrade the trend. Sadly, the starting point of all this for the purpose of children, to make the child become victims of end. Have a parent told me that her children in the original teacher ( Because the teacher has many students was named by distinction & quot; Good piano teacher & quot; ) Have been studying there for four months, just learned three notes, in the past four months in accordance with the requirements of the teacher do every day thousands of times & quot; Off the wrist & quot; Practice, five children to practice as much as four hours a day, to make the action to achieve the requirement of the regularization; Even get mumps also must go to class, otherwise it will be the & quot; A good teacher & quot; Fire! ” Is this your son, you don't love? ” When I ask parents this sentence, the parents suddenly tears, said: & quot; The somebody else say, lessons are so, no way! ” As a parent said: & quot; The piano is like the100 meters, before running all say don't want to get the champion, but gunfire rang all are very hard! ” Learn piano too specialized is a harmful to the child development myth, in this myth has a huge social inertia, people don't watched running leaning forward, because it is believed that the piano is nothing, never heard about what's wrong with the piano, more think learning piano as normal as possible. However, when you and your children feel pain, is the time to look before, take a look at what is now the state of the piano may lead to the result is far away from the original to the purpose of the piano. Remind yourself, you will be an instrument playing skills, not our fundamental purpose of the piano. If a child had no ability to meet the requirements of normalization, or overload effort is needed to meet the basic requirements, so whether we should also stick to & quot; Either not learn, or learn & quot; The principle of '? Amateur piano & quot; Learn & quot; Should not be played by professional technology as the standard, and should make the child get beautiful enjoyment, to obtain music artistic accomplishment, rich life as the goal. At this huge mistake too specialized, the piano only able to save the children is our own reflection ability.
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