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Easy Lessons for the Beginning Guitarist

by:XuQiu     2020-05-14
It really is possible for you to take easy guitar lessons for free now. Here are four easy lessons to give you tips on playing the guitar. Easy Lesson Number 1: How to hold a guitar. You can easily place the guitar on your right leg and play with your prevailing hand usually. But the condition is that you need to keep the guitar and your back straight. At times you would need to bend your back to check if your fingers are placed correctly but that's all right as long as bending your back would not become a habit. If you get into a habit such as bending your back it can turn out to be harmful for your health especially if you are just a beginner. So to become a good guitarist keep the guitar close to you but keep it straight. Easy Lesson Number 2: The Basic Chords? The guitar has six strings which have space between them called frets. These sets of frets are also called a chord chart out of which we will tell you about the first four here. On the diagram you can see six horizontal lines referring to the six guitar strings with your index, middle and third fingers numbered as 1, 2 and 3. Easy Lesson Number 3: You need to Master 3 Chords The first is the D chord. The index and the middle finger will be placed on the second fret. The index finger will be positioned on the third string and the middle finger on the first string. The third finger will be placed on the second string at the third fret. The second and the most important for early learners is the E chord. The index finger has its position on the third string on the first fret. The second fret has the middle and the third finger placed on it. The middle finger is to be placed on the third string while the fourth string will be managed by the third finger. Take a look at the diagram here. The easiest to learn is chord A. Here is the basic method on how to play it, but it can be played in many ways. The index, middle and the third fingers are all placed on the second fret. The index finger strikes the fourth string; the middle finger takes the third string while the third finger works on the second string. See the diagram for a detailed look. Easy Lesson Number 4: Strumming and Playing With getting to know the initial three chords you would now be able to strum a guitar as well. To strum the guitar is the basic skill that needs to be mastered. You can do so by moving your principal hand along the strings in an upward and downward movement. You don't need to go fast, rather keep it slow and go slowly without stopping your hands. Just keep them moving and take pace slowly but surely. The chord chart shows the strings which should be played without any buzzing sound and just a sweet melody. You need to be perfect on how to change the chords while playing. The beat should be settled. The chord should be changed before the next beat is played. An easy way to master on strumming and changing chords is to play the beat that is easiest for you in slow motion. These lessons are for you to learn playing the guitar on your own without any help. Enjoy yourself!
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