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Flute instrument for a Beginner

Flute instrument for a Beginner


The flute instrument is one of the most popular instruments for beginners, especially for those of school age. Once perfected it is a beautiful sounding instrument that is used a lot in both orchestras and bands, but to get there you will have to invest a lot of hard work and practice. If you are a beginner looking to learn to play the flute then you will need a beginner instrument that will suit your needs. 

We recommend: 

16 Closed Holes Flute with E Mechanism XFL002

The 16 Closed Holes Flute with E Mechanism XFL002 has been designed with beginners in mind and will easily see the player through their early grades. The body of the best flute is also silver plated which helps to produce a lovely tone. What makes this flute musical instrument most appealing to beginners is that is comes supplied with both curved and straight heads. The curved head is ideal for young beginners that have a short reach. Then once the player grows and progresses they can switch to the straight head without having to change their instrument.


1. The flute is available with 16 holes, 17 holes, close hole flute or open hole flutes, bent tube as well as other designs. Thus, it is suitable for consumers from all walks of life.

2. Made of professional cupronickel material, this product has cold colors but clear and penetrating sounds.

3. With the original tone being the C key, it is a major high pitched melody instrument for the orchestral music and chamber music.

4. This flute boasts a wide sound register. The sounds in the alto and treble registers are clear and those in the bass register are mild and graceful. For this reason, this product has been widely employed in orchestra and military bands.

5. The musical instrument is also good at coloratura and supports a variety of playing methods. It often plays the major melody in the symphony orchestra and is a main solo instrument as well.

6. This product is manufactured with a high precision and can be adjusted conveniently.

7. The joint use of the key tube and barrel tube is the key to the operation life and precision of this product.


1. The flute should be gently picked up and put down. It must not be thrown or collided.

2. The flutist should wash his hands as much as possible and wear glove when playing this musical instrument. This is because the sweat of the hands will be corrosive to the surface of the product. Additionally, the silver-plated product is more sensitive to the sweat than the nickel-plated one. Thus, it should be maintained more carefully.

3. After being played, the flute should be dismantled to clean the inside of the body with the cleaning rod and cloth. If not, it will be exposed to the damp, oxidation and rust. Thus, the timbre will be influenced. Then, clean the surface of this product with the cleaning cloth to make it glossy.

4. This woodwind instrument should be put into the case after being cleaned up. The case has drying agent and should be placed in the environments which are dry and sun-proof as well as have appropriate temperatures.

5. If the pad has moisture or become sticky, then the wadding with strong water absorption ability should be placed between the key and tone hole. The moisture will be absorbed out by gently pressing the key several times. In this way, the service life of the pad will be effectively prolonged.

6. If don't have a clear knowledge about the use of the adjustment screw, the operator should not adjust the flute at will. This is because the adjustment work is highly technical. The keys are linked together. Once one key is adjusted, then some of other ones will be changed accordingly. Therefore, if encountering with some problems, you had better consult professionals.

The flute comes supplied with everything needed to get started, so you won't need to buy each individual item. As well as the body of the flute and the two separate heads the outfit includes a cleaning rod, a hard case, and a material case cover with shoulder strap.

If you would like to find out more about this flute or any other wholesale musical instruments just drop us a message!

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