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by:XuQiu     2020-07-11
XiQin road, there is such a phenomenon: children learn piano after exam grade 10, except for a few who are interested in is engaged in the professional learning of children continue to learn music, most of the children often for & other; Lost & throughout; Even & other; Stagnation & throughout; The state of the piano. Some of the children while XiQin also continued, but practice less efficiency, the choice of music very casual, play requires to relax, without distinction of pressure, to play the piano seemed to lose the motivation and direction; And most of the rest of the children is the examination of musical instrument after 10 cold and far away from gradually, even & other; Insulation & throughout; — — Don't want to touch, 10 pass also means the end of the road of piano, piano career after 10 as if should & other; Retire & throughout; 。 From subjectively speaking, it should be said that 10 after the exam, many parents and teachers want their children to continue learning, after all. In rapid developing micro-motor technology There are still a lot of learning contents, after 10 and play has become part of the child life. The road along the way, the piano is not easy, to let go even throw away, it is a pity! But why does after 10 levels, the child's learning is difficult to go in? Part, the reasons are objective: children's homework, homework burden aggravate gradually, difficult to take time out to practice constantly to continue; Another part is subjective: the meaning of the parents and children to XiQin, understanding of the purpose of the distinction is not clear, there are some misunderstanding on and make the road to the piano. Therefore, cause after 10 musical instrument to learn, don't know how to reasonable and effective arrangement. A, meaning at XiQin know again why do children learn piano? Space in the process of learning to learn? To what purpose? This is a little musician, parents and teachers must first thought. The purpose of instrumental music learning is not only let the children skilled & ndash; — Can play will play, master certain instrumental music playing skills and knowledge, and let the children learn by instrument gradually cultivate the correct aesthetic view, and cultivate good habits of study. Piano learning process, it is necessary to repeatedly listen to, practice, comparison and consolidated, the process is gradually increase its feel beauty, appreciate beauty, beauty, the process of interpretation ability of beauty, is a process of gradually improve their aesthetic ability. Instrumental music learning another purpose is to through the study, cultivate their Stoic, keep improving the quality of learning. The piano to perserve, need to keep on, day after day, year after year; During play and other Work & throughout; Even & other; Critical & throughout; The fine grinding; Play, also need children to discover problems, analyze and solve the problem, need to children can sit in the bench, resist the temptation of love to play, to overcome the difficulties such as fatigue. XiQin process is, therefore, the observation, attention, willpower, patience, perseverance and learning quality process of gradually formed, the process of children's mental growth and maturation can play a good role in promoting. Second, for the distinction between: why do you want to attend the distinction? It's not hard to find, there are some little musician parents are holding & other; Blind & throughout; Attitude: go with the flow, cast & other Fashionable & throughout; Level, others enter oneself for an examination, I also don't fall; Some of them are holding up with the joneses ', in fact, the above several employs mentality, has violated the original intention of instrumental music distinction: distinction is a platform of children stage practice results and tinker. , in rapid developing micro-motor technology level 10 pass & other; Looks very beautiful & throughout; , but can't give XiQin road picture & other; Rest & throughout; 。 Instruments like mountaineering, 10 pass it will only be learned another starting point and platform, there is a higher mountain to conquer. Three, learn how to arrange after 10 10 after the examination, except a few walk the road of professional music students continue to practice, for the vast majority of the practice of time and energy not intact spare little musician, are as follows: 1, playing time is different from person to person, do & other; Small constant throughout the &; 。 For homework assignments, cannot have so much time and energy to practice, at this point, in the practice time can adjust the arrangement according to their own learning situation. But no matter how to adjust, piano are intended to ensure that the time cannot be broken. Time is to, on the playing time, each one according to their specific situation to plan and goal. 2, play the multilateral development, accomplish & other; Side span width & throughout; , as far as possible when play involving a variety of music works. Piano works, and ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign various periods, the works of different style too much, can be in a planned way, step by step, has the destination to play some representative works in the spring. Like to foreign music works in different development period, and music genres can arrange step by step a baroque, classical, romantic, impressionist music and modern music works play; Balancing the genre and the form of work, with the typical style and form such as waltz, impromptus, that is something works, concertos, sonatas, music from the width and breadth of, from the child's interest in music. 3, view, rational comb. Although some children 10, but & other; Customs can not reach & throughout; 。 Is that there is no real level 10 level and playing ability. At this point, is to mend the front left by the play & other; Short & throughout; , such as scales and arpeggios, to strengthen basic skills and practice; For Bach polyphonic music to rebound, for example, before even for 10 levels, such as a magnitude 8 or 9 level was not involved in the music and consolidate to relearn and leakproof fill a vacancy, thus to improve yourself in the review, consolidate, comb playing ability, make & other; 10 & throughout; Ability to discern.
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