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After the violin came the viola, the second highest pitched instrument in the violin family. The first cellos appeared in regards to the middle of the sixteenth century. The string bass is the biggest and lowest pitched string instrument of the violin family. They are made of metallic and could also be six to twenty-two inches in diameter. Popular forms of cymbals embody the crash and the high hat.

The metal triangle was first utilized in Europe within the fourteenth century. Gongs are usually bronze disks that produce a wealthy, vibrating sound when struck.

Other notable manufacturers include Guild , Rodriguez , Benedetto , and Squier (decrease-priced guitars). The violin first appeared in Italy within the 1500s, and is thought to have developed from the fiddle and the lira da braccio, a Renaissance instrument. The violin has four strings and consists of several primary components together with the entrance, the ribs, the neck, the fingerboard, the pegbox, the scroll, the bridge, the tailpiece, and the f-holes. The violin began because the instrument of the decrease class however it gained respectability as Bach, Vivaldi, and other composers started to specifically compose for it.

According to a Guitar World article, the Sitka spruce tree of southeast Alaska have been so over harvested that some concern that the tip of instrument-high quality wood may be in sight. Instrument makers consume approximately one hundred fifty logs every year. Yet instrument makers want trees which are at least 250 years old. Only old growth bushes are giant sufficient in diameter to supply a section of clearwood—a piece with no knots or blemishes—that can be utilized to create a guitar high. This trade leader turned publicly held in August 1996 after acquiring Selmer Company, the biggest maker of band devices, and Steinway Musical Properties, an acoustic piano maker and distributor.

It acquired flute maker Emerson in January 1997, piano-key maker Kluge in December 1998, and then piano-plate maker O.S. It then acquired band instrument makers United Musical Instruments Holdings, Inc. in September 2000 and G. Fender is the world's main maker of stringed devices and can also be the leading maker of stable-body electrical guitars, together with the Strato-caster and Telecaster lines. In addition to electric guitars, Fender makes devices similar to acoustic guitars, electric basses, mandolins, banjos, and violins, in addition to amplifiers, and public announcement gear.
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