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Guide to the Piano - Make Sure You Learn Properly

by:XuQiu     2020-04-12
What should you know about playing the piano and learning the ins and outs of this classic instrument? Find out before you waste your time and energy trying to play with the wrong instructions or guidance. Read on now and find out what you might not know. Learning to play a musical instrument can be a great thing, not just for the sheer benefit of having a hobby, but also because it tends to train persistence and discipline, and allows you to explore your creativity. Many people wrongly believe that they're not 'the musical type,' especially those who find themselves good at visual arts like drawing and graphics design. But tell me, why does nobody question those who say 'I can't learn to play an instrument because I wasn't born for it' - yet if you said 'I can't learn to ride a bicycle because I wasn't born for it' you'd get laughed at? Both things are skills - and both can be learned very well by anyone with enough patience and dedication. The piano is a great instrument to start exploring music with, as it combines the best of many different musical mechanics, and is very popular as well - meaning that you can easily find in-depth guides to the piano, teaching you the more intricate aspects of playing it once you've gotten better. In addition, playing the piano is known to build discipline and character better than most other instruments. It's never too late to start learning the piano - which is another common misconception. Even if you're fifty and have never touched a musical instrument in your life, don't lose hope - instead start thinking about what you can buy. Your choices for buying a piano vary quite a lot - and as a beginner you shouldn't go overboard with that initial expense, as you'll likely figure out exactly what you want and need from the more advanced models when you've become more proficient. For now, consider vertical pianos - they tend to be more room-efficient and cheaper as well. Due to the way they're built, the quality of the tones increases with the height of the piano, so look for taller ones that fit in your budget. In general, you should be able to get one for around $600 - $2,000 with no problems. Regular pianos can cost significantly more (with grand piano models going up to $100,000 and more in some cases) and as a beginner you definitely don't have much use for one. Any good guide to the piano should be able to teach you the basics without requiring a high-end model. Last but not least we have electronic keyboards, an option becoming increasingly more popular, especially among consumers limited in either their budget or space. The quality of the sound is dictated entirely by the quality of your amplifier and speakers (or headphones - on that note, electronic keyboards have the extra benefit of allowing you to play late at night without disturbing anyone), and electronic keyboards usually require far less maintenance compared to regular pianos (which need frequent adjustment to keep them playing properly). Just make sure you get a keyboard with full physical keys and touch-sensitive ones, as this is important for learning some of the more advanced techniques. It should be noted that an electronic keyboard is the cheapest option as well - even though professional models are available for $1,000 and upwards, the most basic ones (which will still serve your needs just fine) only cost around $150 - $200.
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