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Guitar for Your Child - How to Choose It?

by:XuQiu     2020-05-01
So, you would like to buy your child a guitar? One of the first questions you will hear in a music shop will be: classical, acoustic or electric? For beginners the best choice lies between classical and acoustic guitars. Experienced salesman should help you with your choice by asking few questions, but what if he won't ask them? Well, then you have to tell him about a few things. What should he ask you about? Who will play the guitar? A teenager, or child? How old is she/he? If your child is at age of 5-10, the neck of classical guitar may be too wide for her/him. On the other hand, acoustic guitar with steel strings may be a bit painful experience, at least for first few weeks. So, what should you choose? Some shops offer smaller A� sized guitars, which are targeted at 8-10 years old, but always when you think about buying any guitar, take your kid with you! He should try a few so you'll be able to tell if they suit her/him. When it comes to electric guitar - it's not a good idea to buy it to 5-10 years old child, but if your child is older keep in mind that teenagers are often attracted only to this one particular type of guitar, so, why not! Will our future rockstar learn in music school, or maybe with private tutor? Or maybe she/he will learn on her/his own? Music schools are most often focused on teaching classical guitar skills. Private lessons do not possess this limitation and are often the best choice - especially for electric guitar. Who will teach? The best idea is to contact with future teacher and ask him about his preferences regard guitar type you want to buy. It would be even better if you can persuade him to go shopping with you and your child. Why? Because he will probably make this choice much easier. He should have enough knowledge about guitars to help you with picking up the best guitar for your child (and that's why you should take your kid with you too!). Also your child will surely be happy if you let him choose his own first guitar. How much you want to spend on it? Classical and acoustic guitars are cheaper than electric - mainly because they do not require you to buy an amplifier. And because we talk about guitar for complete newbie there is no need to spend thousands of $$$ on it. Just avoid the cheapest ones because they offer no quality at all, and may slow down process of learning. Anyway, buying a guitar is just first expense. You will also need a tuner (sooner or later your kid will eventually learn to tune guitar with his ears only, but it's wise to have it anyway), a metronome (it's not really essential, but it may help with keeping proper rhythm), a guitar belt and some kind of bag or case (cheap guitar bag will be more than enough for beginner). Also don't forget about guitar picks (plectrums)! Those are things that you can buy over internet if you want - but never buy a guitar this way! It's the most important thing to remember - your child must have occasion to try how the guitar sounds and feels in her/his hands. Regardless of what questions salesman will ask, always remember to speak with him openly about all your concerns and doubts. It is very important, especially when choosing guitar for children. Sooner or later you will probably want to buy another one, and obtained experience will speed up this process greatly. So, what's next? If your kid wants to learn on her/his own you may want to check one of many online guitar schools on the internet.
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