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Hobbies For Retirement - It's Never Too Late To

by:XuQiu     2020-04-11
So you are finally retired. You have worked hard for most of your life and now it's 'me' time. Time for you to fulfill some of those hobbies that you would have loved to have had time to do but one thing always got in the way. Work! The sad thing is that while many people look to retirement as the chance to take up pastimes or hobbies that they have been craving to do, when the moment actually arrives they spend much of their time procrastinating and 'thinking' about things to do. The problem with procrastination is that you can find yourself spending so much time planning new hobbies that you actually never get round to doing anything. I remember when my grandfather retired. He had so many plans that he didn't really know which way to turn and I believe he ended up not doing half the things that he really wanted to do. Now that he's ill it's unlikely that he ever will. One thing that many people take up when they retire is learning a musical instrument and one of the easiest to learn to play is piano or keyboard. Firstly it is a very cheap thing to do. A beginner level keyboard can cost as little $50 and the quality is more than adequate to play some really impressive songs. The great thing about having piano or keyboard as a hobby when in retirement is that it is something that requires very little physical effort, so if you find yourself unable to do active hobbies through illness then piano or keyboard is ideal. That said, it certainly is not something that is only for housebound or ill people. It is a great thing for anyone to do, no matter what age or ability. With the advent of the internet you can now take up learning a musical instrument as a hobby without even leaving your own home, plus you can put as much or as little time into it as you choose. So imagine the look on the faces of your family and friends when you show them how well you can play piano or keyboard. Imagine what they would think if one day, out of the blue you sat down at a piano or keyboard and began to play a popular song that they all knew. Well it is easier than you think, and there are many very simple courses that you can download, and within a few minutes you can actually be playing impressive sounding piano or keyboard.
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