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How do you know the child's interest in talent

by:XuQiu     2020-07-24
How can the talent of their choice for their children? To this end, the reporter interviewed concerned expert. Experts said that when selecting talent for the children, should give full consideration to the child's interest and personality. On interest according to choose talent & other interest; Parents in selecting talent for the children, don't change a child's interest, be sure to choose according to their interests. ” Early childhood teachers He Qiao said. So, how do you know the children's interests and hobbies? 2 years of age or older He Qiao said need more communication, for larger children, no matter how busy parents all want to maintain communication with children, understand their interest in communication; With small children, parents should be more to accompany them, and they together, slowly, to find the children's interests. He Qiao, for instance, when drawing lessons, a child is not positive, even lazy. But suddenly when I was in the music class special lively, particularly positive. Later, only to find that after talking with the child, he was especially interested in music. So parents should pay more attention to the child development in this respect, giving him encouragement. Observe emotional behavior children under the age of 2 potential development center teacher lu spring scenery that children over the age of two, can understand its interests through communication. But the baby under the age of 2, if not through the conversation to get to know his idea, can from their expression, emotional or behavioral find their interests and hobbies. Because the be fond of of children will be through the mood and behavior. Lu spring scenery, for instance, the center has a child has been crying, how can coax. But then the teacher found that as long as give him listen to music, he stopped crying, even will follow music dancing. Even the music with fast rhythm, he can keep up with. Lu said spring scenery, the thinking mode of this kind of children is driven by the sound, they like to use sound learning, so suit to learn to tell stories, crosstalk, vocal music and piano talent.
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