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How to balance study and practice after school? Hurry and see it

by:XuQiu     2020-07-23
To be honest, compared to the entrance after chicken fly a dog to jump, practice is really a piece of cake. After primary school of time management is the most arduous, because the academic pressure! So looking back at the kindergarten stage to develop good study habits, good language number outside the basis of, very important to insist on the piano! Primary school time management, mainly is the habit of dawdle, improve efficiency, namely hard squeeze time. “ Dawdle & throughout; Headache is probably every pupil parents meet, it is doomed to be a protracted war. When the kid to dawdle, are slow, all turtle speed & hellip; … He is a child after all, the brain and body are still developing, impossible to do things like adults, but now the reality of the environment and don't give them chance to grow up slowly, how to do? On the parents! Linger practicing how to break the practice also dawdle, so every day there is a best practice target to supervise the children. Big short-term goal is to complete the teacher practicing this week of the assignment, the small target in the short term is a day after the big goal decomposition practice task. Goals and plans under the guidance of action must be efficient. Not the whole blocks of time to practice to do say some concrete experience, for example, if your home upstairs downstairs next door neighbors are not against your child practice in the morning, that is the gift of god! Early morning exercise effect is particularly good, even if only for five minutes, even if only play again, several years stick is outrageous! Can be scales arpeggios, can is a key problem for homework, all can. If you like, five minutes before going to bed every day, will be the difficulty to practice the piano practice, ensure that there is good effect! What about five minutes to get up early, stay up late what about five minutes, and if you really want to squeeze or packed out. In addition, after the entrance at night the whole block of time is very precious, then take time to practice. As long as there is a gap, a piano practice, even if only for five minutes. If children don't like, just the time to test your wisdom, can't have your children routines deep mew: ahaha! Practice aspect to the child, for example, to find a friend, two people who practice than playing well, arouse method is useful! Create more opportunities for children to experience to play the piano well fun, is also a good way to practice encouraged him to keep on learning effort. Want to squeeze time to practice, must be an adult children. Practice should be targeted, such as every day this week I have six days to practice time, is an hour a day, I can split into half and half in the morning and evening hours. Half an hour in the morning can have 10 minutes of flexible fingers preheat and practice, the remaining 20 minutes focus practice scales and tune with difficulty; Half an hour in the evening can have five minutes to warm-up exercises finger, the rest time can not solve the difficulties in the morning section to consolidate the, or is difficult to practice music clips, near the back to class a few days, the difficulty of etudes and tune fragment has to consolidate it, the we can pay attention to the integrity of the music and musical training. In short, every day, every hour of practice should be targeted, remember that don't want to again from the beginning to the end, still have a problem or question, how much is useless.
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