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How to change the future of music

How to change the future of music


We believe that learning a musical instrument should not be a privilege to only those that can afford to pay for an instrument outright, nor should those that cannot pay upfront be limited to substandard instruments. We believe that everyone should have access to new, good quality instruments.


It has never been more important to focus on the importance of music, especially for school children. We really believe that music plays an integral part in a child’s education and development. BBC Young Musician Sheku Kanneh-Mason recently commented in an interview with The Guardian that “Within the education system, music is not valued enough for what it can do”. Because of this music, with each passing academic year, is being pushed out further from the curriculum. With so many schools not acknowledging how beneficial it is it is not being provided with the time nor the funding it needs. By doing this they are denying children a fantastic opportunity to further themselves through music.

Kanneh-Mason further commented that “Classical music is not elitist. The music itself is accessible to everyone. The real problem is the fact that it’s expensive and there is so little help from councils and the government.” Kanneh-Mason raises a valid point. Music is for everybody and can be enjoyed and learned by all but the high cost is excluding such a high number of people, especially those from a low income backgrounds, giving the impression that learning an instrument, especially of the classic variety, is exclusive to the elite. With councils and governments offering such little help families are left to try to produce their own funding, a near impossible for lower income families. Meaning a high number of children will just go without.

With schools pulling focus from music and councils not helping with funding it is becoming increasingly impossible for children to learn an instrument.We want music to be enjoyed by all that want to enjoy it.Our unique online service has been designed to help people obtain the musical instrument from musical instrument manufacturer they desire in an easy, simple, and manageable way. 

Our service is very simple and similar to other services loaning instruments, but where we differ is all our instruments are brand new and once your plan is completed the instrument is yours to keep.


Our service has been designed for anyone that wants an instrument, not just professional musicians. For children, especially those learning an instrument for the first time, our service gives the opportunity for trial and error. Choosing an instrument that you are going to devote your life to is no easy task, especially for a child. Our flexible service not only offers low prices and a great selection of instruments but the return policy helps remove the stress from parents. It also makes buying an instrument achievable for lower income families.


Our service is not just great for children. So many adults would love the opportunity to learn an instrument. But when the moment to buy the instrument comes up a lot will be surprised at the high costs. Add in the cost of a music teacher or classes and all of a sudden that resolution is a pipe dream once again. 

Our service is also not just for new music learner. Professional and experienced musicians can still be stung by the cost of a new instrument. Our service is perfect for allowing any musician to treat themselves to a new instrument or upgrade their current instrument.

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