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How to Choose a Saxophone

by:XuQiu     2020-06-08
If you are planning to buy yourself a Saxophone, as a beginner, you need to know which one to choose. Firstly, you need to set a budget for your Saxophone, how much can you spend on it? For how long will you be using the Saxophone? Which type are you looking for? Keeping all of this in mind, you go to a musical instrument seller and ask them for your Saxophone. The most popular sellers for a Saxophone are Yamaha and Jupiter. Of course, Saxophones are really expensive, so you need to look out for the one that fits your budget. You can either pick up a popular brand like Yamaha or choose a Chinese make which would be less expensive. The quality of the Chinese make wouldn't be the same as Yamaha. But for a beginner, it is good and reasonable, and can be used for a short period of time. If you want to buy a Soprano Saxophone or the Soprano Saxophone, you will need to remember that they are difficult to learn. Since the Soprano Saxophone is heavy, it is advised to purchase it after you've mastered the smaller ones. You will also need to know the type of music you will want to play on your Saxophone. If you want to learn to play Jazz music as a beginner you can buy an Alto or Tenor. If you want to play Rock and roll, you can buy a Tenor, and for playing classical you can buy the Classical Tenor Saxophone. Before buying a Saxophone, try it out. See if you are comfortable with the size. As a beginner it is advised to purchase a light weight Saxophone. You must also be comfortable with keys, pads, and the mouth piece. Do not rush while buying a Saxophone.
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