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How to improve the efficiency of practicing? Introduction to practice efficiency

by:XuQiu     2020-07-25
Practice should not only emphasize practice, practice, desperately important also three & other; Qiao & throughout; On the word. How can we get twice the result with half the effort, improve practice efficiency in the limited time? There is talk about my experience. First of all, when get a new piece, should not be immediately play, more can't come up with both hands to play, if you do this, seems not to waste time, actually otherwise. Plato said: & other; Start is the most important part of the work. ” First of all, we should first think about music, creative s, the author of the environment, this is a what kind of music and how to play. So have a ballpark knowledge of music, in the mind will have when playing. If too blind, and after skilled to consider these problems, change up will be very difficult, instead of wasting time. Secondly, in the process of practice, should be in some places they think fingering confusing mark fingering. Many students think it is a pediatrician, a shrug, in fact not the case. Around an example: there are two students to play a tune at the same time, one of the music-culture soon, one morning can hands down, but when I went to her piano room to listen to her playing, found her almost every time the fingering is different, and very uncomfortable; Another classmate has just started to play one hand, on the music with fingering, have to also is very convenient, easy to play. Two weeks later, the students passed, while the former is still in the process of changing fingering & hellip; … So if you want to improve the efficiency of practicing, indicate the fingering is also very important. Practice, and diligently. Bi dage Russ said: & other; Wake up in the morning, ask yourself & lsquo; What should I do? ’ , night before sleeping, ask yourself: & lsquo; What did I do? ’ ” Practice is the same. If always again and again practice, aimlessly silly also of no help even if no amount of practice time. Every day we sat on the stool, should first consider: today I focus on practice which song? Need to pay attention to what? The teacher presented in class? After a bomb, and then summarized. From this step by step. We'd rather spend one hour to craft a touch the keys, variety, and sound and don't spend the same time to play 10 times from beginning to end. Mencius said, & other; Heart officer, thought, and thought, how much, not thought is not also. ” And there's classmate hand in playing the piano, the brain but don't know what is going on. Sometimes after playing it again, I didn't know where I didn't play where to play. So very bad. If can't focus, should immediately stop to be quiet, take out thoughts and back into music. No purpose, the spirit of practice, will only make you stagnant, even retreat; Thinking and careful study, would make you moved on. In addition, the difficult passages of etudes and some music, almost all day long is not good practice. Should have more practice and variable rhythm slow practice. Although the slow practice again to take a long time, but it can develop the granularity of the fingers and running ability. Quick practice only will play more and more & other; Paste & throughout; , more practice more & other; Roll & throughout; 。 Many students don't have the patience to start slowly, later will play more and more fast. I think: in the beat machine practice, is by no means a waste of time, but in improving efficiency. Variable rhythm practice is very necessary, it can make the fingers run faster. The pianist Xu Zhong 'Chopin etude' Op. 6 of 25, has come up with more than 30 rhythm method. Uncle Ben said: & other; Average people are concerned about how to spend time, a man of talent tries to use time. ” Friend, you are trying to use it?
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