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How to keep kids interested in the lessons?

by:XuQiu     2020-07-13
Create a happy atmosphere, pay attention to ability training coaxing, interactive practice improve the occasion, cultivate a sense of accomplishment etudes purpose reasonably allocate for interest & other; Additives & throughout; A lot of little musician is full of interest initially entered the palace of art. But if choose the learning instruments such as piano, the cycle is relatively long, the difficulty is not great, not as easy as other instruments quickly see effect, which makes the child's interest in the piano is often difficult to keep for a long time. If left unchecked, the loss of interest will soon make the child in the practice of boring, helpless feeling, even from this practice. As a result, many little musician parents are headache, how can let interest along with the children to learn piano always? It is recommended that you could try from the following several aspects: ( 1) Create a happy atmosphere, focusing on ability training parents should try to build a pleasant learning atmosphere for your child, with the development of learning ability to guide the children, to the glory of public performances to arouse children's competitiveness, on the basis of time to encourage children to listen to music, use music to express their emotions, as far as possible to make children happy and enjoy the process of the piano. As parents, should pay attention to more children in the learning harvest, the overall quality is improved, and don't put the distinction of km needs as the sole purpose of the piano, driving children too tight; Don't use more grades and comments as the only standard to measure the child, hurt the children's learning interest and pride. If lets the child with a heavy burden to the piano, like dancing, chain must back to deaden childishness, kill the interest. ( 2) Coaxing, hu dynamic partners in addition to class, more often, the child is in the home long accompanied by practice, whether understand music knowledge, music-culture, or play, parents should try to adopt the method of inspiration, induction and motivate partners, let the child in every time practice are clearly, incremental learning purpose, so that their energy is concentrated, to practice, avoid by all means is arranged to replace. In playing the music title when, for example, can use the image of the language or the form of a story, the music, the content of the scene to their children, to increase interest in playing; Children learn piano each link to open, can be in the form of item by item, review ratings, stick a small red flag, which can encourage the child's progress, facilitate again even if found problems. ( 3) Interest in improve the occasion, and cultivate a sense of accomplishment and pride often accompanied, promote each other. Child of every honor will become a great force to motivate them to keep the interest and continue to learn. For example, you can not regularly hold family concert for the kids, the form of imitation stage, mom and dad to announce, children and parents take turns performing, after waiting for children performed appropriate give spiritual and material rewards. Can organize a few of the piano children or relatives and friends held a small concert, let them find like-minded friends, compare to each other, a race; Can also be a positive sign up for a variety of theatrical performances, or game, train children's courage, cultivate their sense of achievement. In the view and communicate each other, children tend to unconsciously in love with practice. ( 4) Etude purpose to adjust this problem should be the teacher to grasp the problem, but parents are children of participants, the piano has a responsibility to protect the child's interest. In musical instrument employs environment, for example, play the etude is helpful to the rapid increase of grade, but more dry, children prone to boredom; Helps to cultivate the sense of music and play the instrument, but on the improvement of distinction may be relatively slower, need a reasonable balance between. Parents can according to the practice situation, timely reflect problems to the teacher, some reasonable Suggestions for teacher reference. ( 5) Looking for interest & other; Additives & throughout; In daily life can be more related to children music album, tell me about the story of the famous music master, etc. , let the child to learn can inspire their persistent love music. Also can let the child watching videos of piano concert or high level of live performance, for the children in the form of the image epic performance experience, arouse their desire, at the same time also can increase their confidence and interest. Children to cultivate the habit of listening to music and hobbies, such as meal times to listen to some enjoyable work, before sleeping to arrange beautiful peaceful nocturnes, sketch, etc. Let children grow up in a bright and happy every day in the music. Einstein once said: & other; Only interest in and love is the best teacher, we learn it far more than the sense of responsibility. “ So it is with the piano, only let little musician 'interest in learning piano constantly stimulated and maintain, from passive to active learning the piano can only be achieved that the motivation of leap, to a happy, constancy of learning. # # p# page title e#
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