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How to practice tutoring children

by:XuQiu     2020-07-12
Don't do the tyrant, don't let myself in the opposite of children cannot indulge don't rush blindly, not to mention the arranged to replace, should actively cultivate their good habit of self-learning can't drift, hands-off psychology, common sense tells us that in childhood children usually can't be rationally understand myself very well, the purpose of the piano practice could not have put forward the goal on their own, find out the solution. As a result, the guidance of parents to convey teacher intent, urged children to practice plays an important role. Many parents don't or don't know how to practice with your child, this is an important link of children to learn piano. The success of little musician parents is a teacher's right-hand man, is the child of the piano instructors and good friends. Had counseling children learn piano experience parents know that children learn piano, is the most affected adult, especially a strong sense of responsibility of adults. We often see a lot of parents after a busy day, still have to squeeze out a lot of time and energy to practice with your child, very anxious to children daily progress, although this expectation is human, but you do this child also bitter bitter oneself, also don't get obvious effect. If you again because you are less than the appropriate guidance and practice way, build in the child's learning enthusiasm and interest, more cost-effective. It is not impossible to avoid the above problems. You and children from the heavy and complicated and boring practice in the process of free way, is to know they should or what kind of little musician for parents, know the correct and effective way and method, take the initiative to avoid taboos appeared in the process of some partners, such ability can have the feeling of get twice the result with half the effort and really get twice the result with half the effort effect. We temporarily little musician parents can be divided into two categories: one is the music & other Layman & other; With an emphasis on child self learning, mainly ACTS as their coaching role; Another kind is to play an important role in the process of children to learn piano, sometimes even to exercise control, sharing with the child, with the advance and retreat. Here & other; Music of the layman & other; , not only refers to the parents in front of the children to learn piano basic ignorance of music, and attend class in the process of children to learn piano, still don't have much progress. These parents don't have to stick to aid details, blindly devoted himself in tutoring children's details. You need to do is to help children learn to develop practical and feasible plan, supervise the implementation of plan, reasonably control the practice schedule, according to the requirements of the teacher, every time remind children points for attention during the practice. Notice at ordinary times and children exchange and communication, cultivate children seriously study the character and love of music and interest. You also pay attention to their children, carefully listen to their opinions and ideas, guide the children understand the difficulties encountered in the lessons of. In addition, you should be timely to child problems and feedback to the teacher, the teacher for the future of the teaching work and make the next step study scheme provides referential basis. Some parents itself has good music accomplishment, may also engaged in the work related to music, or in learning together with the children have been one step ahead. So it is recommended that you in tutoring children learn piano to bear on the question of relative important role, and promote your precept or do use will produce unexpected positive role. Belong to which a young body little musician parents should actively cooperate with the teacher's classroom teaching, earnest digestion teacher teaching intention, according to the physiological and psychological characteristics of children, patient, careful, correct guidance to the child, to do a good job of child psychological adjustment before and after class, can let the child in the class is in a state of excitement, joy, and a little nervous, willing to communicate with you after class and share his all sorts of feelings, in the study don't mind before you make a mistake, is willing to accept your criticisms and Suggestions, so that teaching and learning, learning and practice organically unifies in together. Trust between you and the child set up such a close cooperative relations, practice and practice partner will become a pile is full of happiness.

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