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How to protect the instrumental music player hearing 2

by:XuQiu     2020-08-22

According to the acoustics, Marshall? CenSen  That danger signal including repeated temporary hearing ability changes ( TTS) 。 TTS is refers to the level of your hearing temporarily reduced, usually with tinnitus and stress associated with strong feelings, in the 16th & ndash; — After 18 hours be mitigated. “ Recurring TTS will ultimately result in permanent damage to hearing. ” For hearing loss, some people will tend to be the cause of the gene, was too sensitive to noise, for example, or some congenital defect. And there's some diseases, like diabetes and heart disease by using drugs, even aspirin will influence our feelings of sound. High blood pressure, smoking, drinking and aging has negative effect to our hearing. Stan, Stasney) Also pointed out that there are half of all cases of tinnitus and ear pain is caused by the jaw jaw joint problems. Here are some ways to us to protect the hearing practice more quietly, quietly it is very important to practice and review, the volume to save up for the concert! ! ! ! Absolutely avoid practice in small room with a hard surface, it is very dangerous. We take a bath in the small toilet when singing, singing sounds great. But in such a small place play very harmful to our hearing. Keep your distance with audio source: whenever possible, try to increase your distance with noise source. Means that on the stage and percussion, brass and piccolo far away. When the distance is not successful, the use of protective measures. Using plexiglass shield: some symphony orchestra in there is hearing protection clause in the contract, and provide resin glass screen. The screen only when placed several inches away from your head to play a role. If the screen is placed near the percussion or brass too, will be reflected their own voice, so that they will be difficult to judge their volume and reflect. Adjust until everyone is satisfied. Shutter can effectively reduce the impact of the loud voice, but their role is limited, they cannot completely eliminate the symphony of sound. If you still feel you of the danger, you can use additional protective measures. Use earplugs: use some small foam ear plugs, you can put the multiple use of ear plugs in the briefcase, pocket, bag, in the drawer. They are not expensive but very effective, as long as the right to wear can reduce the intensity of a 20 decibels. But unfortunately, these earplugs can cause the pronunciation occlusion effect & ndash; — Make your every swallow, every movement of the tongue, the sound of every word and very loud. This may affect your performance. Buds are specially designed for musicians, can reduce the intensity of a 15 db and 25 db. They are specially designed for musicians can reduce the blocking effect of earplugs, is made of a acoustician special. Violinist can wear in the left ear plugs, to play comfortably. Reduce your exposure time: whether to work or work, maintain awareness of noise. Say what you uncomfortable, and insisted on the microphone down or change a direction; The same shutter and insist to use earplugs. After work, avoid noisy music and noisy environment. When you use some noisy machines, chain saws and drills, want to know to protect your hearing, learn to control. If you will take part in a noisy concert on Friday, before the weekend to rest your hearing best 16 & ndash; — 18 hours, if possible, it is better to keep your wearing the earplugs. Avoid flying: when you are in a cold nasal congestion, or ear problems, do not fly, otherwise it will cause more serious damage. If you had to have to take a plane, you'd better in front of the fasten your seat belt, use open nose sprays, if the flight time is longer than 4 hours, also want to spray a before landing. But what show do you want to remember, also does not have your own hearing. Transform your playing songs: if possible, alternately playing loud music and quiet music, make different nerve ending receptors to receive different sound stimulation. So that you can protect your specific muscle groups, to avoid excessive use, the effect of your ear is the same. Adjust performance stage: try to play on the brass parts on our table in a relatively a bit higher, so the voice of the copper tube can spread on the head of the other musicians. Avoid with protrusions: avoid playing the violin under the protruding objects can effectively inhibit their voice. Because of the high frequency of sound can easily be processed surface absorption, reduce the high frequency sound can make the violinist to improve their performance volume in order to make themselves better hear his playing. Sounds is not only improved the play and put themselves in danger to excessive damage. Hum, the hum of the cymbal produce can be effectively in a loud voice coming before and after coming to provide protection for you. CenSen explained: & other; This is because of the stapes in the middle ear muscle shrink when hear the buzzing, thus partially prevent the spread of sound in your ear, and also reduce damage & throughout; 。 Listening for musicians, importance is immeasurable. Hearing loss, like fatigue syndrome, can be caused by many reasons. You should pay attention to, the danger is in your whole career accumulated ceaselessly, every orchestra should specify a separate team to take risks to introduce preparedness plans: careful thorough research to the problem, we can protect both the hearing, can continue to do our music again                                

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