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How to train special rhythm of instrumental music

by:XuQiu     2020-07-24
Learning any musical instrument, as long as the learned to a certain extent, general will meet all kinds of special rhythm, such as segmentation, liaison ( Such as triplet. , dotted, grace note, etc. Compared with regular rhythm, these special rhythm more difficult to grasp, need more time to training, even the special training. Let's pick up a few common special rhythm, what training methods. 1. A triplet. Must pay attention to: most triplet for a beat, also some for the second, there is only half a beat, and so on. Is to say, a triplet duration is variable, the specific value depending on the different rhythm environment ( Unit shoot) And decide. But no matter how many, it must be put it evenly, uniform smooth performance. If it is a beat, every note playing a third, a beat, and so on. 2. Syncopation. Syncopation generally begins with upbeat or weak position, so in practice the process of syncopation, the first thing to pay attention to the accurate rhythm, especially when continuous syncopation. Beat on the strength, in general, than in other notes to play. 3. Dotted rhythm. Common are dotted quaver, dotted crotchet, dotted half note and so on. Either way, you have to remember the dotted effect is always the same, that is to extend it in front of half the duration. Then, to emphasize such as 3/4 duration, one and a half taken as difficult dotted notes. But should pay attention to them and their adjacent notes combined with the practice for the whole shoot number, it can obtain more accurate results.
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