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How to understand the basics of electric guitar

How to understand the basics of electric guitar


The rhythm guitarist is some of the band's self-evident heroes. They provide bridges between Bes and drums and other melody instruments, pressed the chords of songs to form a skeleton of your melody. As long as you don't put it as a secondary or "bad guitarist" musical instrument, the rhythmic guitar can add a lot of things to the song.

Always use a metronome or practice with the persevere hand to get perfect, uninterrupted rhythm. As a rhythm guitarist, you must always stay on time. To keep your band's cohesiveness, rack the bridge between the striking instrument and the melody instrument. Always practice the string with the metronome to make sure you are strong in the rhythm, trustworthy.

Use 2-3 strength and string to knock out fast, simple rhythm. The strength and string are the bread and butter of beginners. They only need two fingers, and it is easy to slide throughout the neck, so that you can play this form of the basic version of many songs.

The strength and string are only two or three strings, which means that they are still fresh under distortions and effects.

The strength and string are strong rock and strings, which sounds smooth in rock, punk, popular, blue tones and many other distortion types of music.

Brand the strong sound into a "5" means that they are suitable for high-key or small songs. This has a very good reason, but it is buried in the music theory and is not critical to basic understanding. The important part is that strong sounds and strings are not big or small, they are "nothing". This means they can be applied to any type of music in any genre.

For example, you can use a C chord (or C5, in the music theory) to support C major or c minor songs.

Learn about several ways to play strong sounds. The most basic known "DYADS", i.e., only two tones, hint, such as C or A # m. If the word "Dyad" makes you feel troublesome or confused, these as a standard strong sound and strings.

Put your first finger on the six string, put your unnamed two horses on the 5 string bass kit to play a power and string. Your fingers will be separated by a sinus, and there are two hiking. So, if your index finger is in the sixth strings, your nameless refers to the sixth volume in the 5th string.

In order to make the chords, "thick", hold your unknown finger, so that it is also overlaid on the fourth string.

If you want to start playing the power and string on the 5 string, move the entire shape downward. If you want to play these chords on the fifth string, do the same thing, but put the first finger on the 5 string bass guitar kit, not named two horses on the fourth string.

Similarly, you can hold your nameless finger to make a more difficult three finger.

Try with "straight five" wholesale electric guitars and string to play a hard metal style song. Although the name is very fancy, I have to know that it is just playing two strings in the same character. This gives a more "death" voice, often uses, although some people think that the standard belt or the strong sound of the eight-dimensional sound is much more effective, and it is generally more effective. Strong and strings that are not very common but still useful are some people like to be called "straight five".

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