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I can get in which music school?

by:XuQiu     2020-08-20
Painted painted childish index: u do this problem is being alto the ladder of teachers now hear the most popular problem. Here, the teacher said very understand, all hope oneself can be admitted, can safely, go smoothly. But, I will never give you guarantee, etc. The university entrance exam is full of uncertainty, even luck. I am not the province manages director, nor any university principal, dean, dean, manages director. I am just another 30 ordinary art teacher. So, I can only be combined with their own experience, as well as in previous years, in the space provide some methods and Suggestions for you. Finally choose which school have to you to make their own decisions. Must to go to university, fujian association of foreign languages and naive index: u u u do do we recommend: unless a good university, such as 985 university, 211 university, academy and big cities, good city ( Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, tianjin, chongqing, wuhan, nanjing, hangzhou, xi 'an, dalian, xiamen, etc. ) In the school. The rest of the 2, 3, college is not necessary to have to go to the province ( Unless a purpose, such as there are friends and relatives there) 。 In terms of economic development level, though we must face up to the gap, but don't little. Fujian association of foreign languages and many of the city is not as good as in the province. Anyway, I will not repeat childish index: painted painted fostered fostered fostered this is the most easy to some fresh ideas. Want to know, who are not willing to answer read, reread it is be compelled helpless choice. In every year the university entrance exam examinee, is about a quarter past, and smooth was admitted to university students, past the proportion of more. Because of this problem is not our willing to restudy, but the problem we have to restudy. My opinion is: to be specialized, even admitted to three seniors, answer read a year, even if the 2 be worth it. In a word, also take their own decisions. On not the good school, I won't on naive index: painted painted nurture the idea of being is just being broken broken falls. You not directly say: I won't live on rich days, I would not go out without car, without salary than work I wouldn't have jobs, no I can not breathe the fresh air & hellip; … Think about it, are now to this step, we still must go to university. Because of our high school three years, four years, and even the whole ten years of study for the college entrance examination, is to go to college. You give up now, is equal to the white on the high school, might as well give up his studies directly junior high school graduation. My opinion: even college, also want to good point college, the university entrance exam is just a step of life, there is still a long way in the future. Let's take it one step. Anyway now college students is not good to look for a job is not worth for the university entrance exam to childish index: u u u it is also a very common very negative thoughts. Can only say that the idea that anyone can have, but there are high school students, students can in no way. If you really look down upon the university, why in high school? Junior middle school to know Chinese characters I don't need to go to school to addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, can go out to travel. For now, on a good university, read a good professional, still have a lot of effects on a person's growth. As I said, even suffered difficult employment after graduation, but the university entrance exam, a good university is still very important as far as possible, decided to at least the next four years or three years you surroundings, the friends of the. Must be good school restudy childish index: u fostered fostered a restudy pressure, being more from the psychological pressure, namely: I am a restudy, be sure to do well than last year. Of course we hope can answer read a year to the next level, but the university entrance exam is too much uncertainty. Due to various reasons, every year there are many restudy test than in the first year. Our advice: don't reply because he is born with a certain how how, answer is read more than just a chance. Even answer read a year two years, the last on average 2, also worthy of, don't regret. Believe that the answer is read experience is valuable fortune in my life. In addition, don't go to calculate, since going to school, the school must be respected. If you hold out after I came to this school, the school what all don't make me satisfied, such as they are. So, you this is hard to spend a few years. The last effect may not be good. Every art examinee is very not easy, in this way we need to put a lot of effort and sweat. Here, hope everyone trying to at the same time, also should according to actual condition adjust state of mind, art objectively reasonable test target, realize his dream of art!
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