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Ibanez SR300 - My Review

by:XuQiu     2020-05-25
Every bass player will want a guitar that can bring the sauce they need for the music. The catch is they want one that will require little if anything more of them than just playing it. This ideal is reached by pairing quality components and circuitry with a player-friendly design and rock-solid durability. Chances are, if you run in bass player circles you've seen more than a few fellow bassists owning and playing an Ibanez bass. They're real performers for the money, and the Ibanez SR300 is one such model that will keep up with you without cleaning you out. Manufactured to the same standards as all Ibanez guitars, the SR300 is ready and willing to be your bottom-end workhorse for years to come. The SR300 begins with an Agathis wood body that is more than sufficiently resonant and surprisingly lightweight. Like all Ibanez guitars, it features the more sleek body shape and more of a cut-away design at the underside of the neck. This allows for easier high fret access. The Ibanez S4 neck is simply functional and has 24 medium frets,pearl dot inlays and a rosewood finish. Between the body and neck one can understand why this bass appeals to faster players and more uptempo music. Take a look further at all of the component bonuses that come with the Ibanez SR300 and you can see why its appeal stretches even further to bassists of all types. The Ibanez SR300 boasts two Ibanez EXF Humbucking / Passive pickups between bridge and neck and each is at the behest of a unique Style SweeperTM 3-band EQ. The bridge pickup has been reported to promote balanced tone and sound among each of the strings, while the EX4-F below the neck does the same but with a little more 'pep' on the strings. It is reported to be more responsive to aggressive playing when isolated. The Style SweeperTM 3-band EQ can dial in precise frequencies and gives the player more freedom to tailor the well-balanced tones of the pickups to his or her liking. This is done by means of the 4 knobs on the face of the bass - Volume, Style Sweep / Finger Slap, Balance, and Treble / Bass Boost and Cut. The EQ is powered by an easy-access 9V battery box on the rear of the body. No one's going to suggest the Ibanez SR300 is an elite level bass guitar, but none would say it's inferior as well. Truth is, for the money it's an impressively versatile and full-on capable bass that can slide into any number of gigs. Add to that it's available in a choice of 5 bold and bright finishes and boasts attractive and durable chrome hardware, and you've got a bass that's worthy of some consideration. Do you want to know where you can buy yours at the cheapest price?
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